Seat Wedge

  • Seat Wedge 113SW

    Sitting in an office chair all day can leave you feeling tired, uncomfortable and sore.

    With the proper ergonomic support like a Seat Wedge, you can greatly improve your posture and become more productive with your work.

    Seat Wedge

    The Seat Wedge cushion is capable of relieving tension on the hips and lower back. This is done by altering the angle of the pelvis when sitting.

    Be sure to improve your comfort levels with this fantastic value-for-money ergonomic device.

    This wedge is available in three sizes so there will be a size that fits almost any body size.


    • Wedge shape
    • Three different sizes to suit any user


    Size: Small 400 mm deep x 400 mm wide x 75 mm high
    Size: Medium 400 mm deep x 400 mm wide x 100 mm high
    Size: Large 400 mm deep x 400 mm wide x 125 mm high




    30 Days

    $68.95 (inc GST)

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