Manufacturer Profile


Posture Balance commenced operations in July 1999 as the Australian licensee for the Therapod™ brand of products, and since that time has continued to evolve to now become Australia’s largest specialist manufacturer of ergonomic seating accessories. 

We are deeply committed to maintaining manufacturing and design roles in Australia, not just in our own organisation, but throughout our supply chair as well. 

Consistent research and development programs have resulted in a range of leading-edge seat-foam technologies, as well as a number of products created for the 24/7 intensive-use sector. As these products have progressively evolved into uniquely individual identities in their own right, the Posture Balance has become an integrated collection of brand-categories.

In 2018, the Posture Balance has undertaken a significant rebranding program ahead of our 20th anniversary.

Understanding the increasing ergonomic awareness of the modern office, and in particular the rise of the Sit-Stand workplace, our name now reflects the balance between sitting and standing correctly.

Our product portfolio includes a broad selection of Australian-made seating and ergonomic accessories that work together to create optimal working environments.

The key to Posture Balance is that we maintain a full manufacturing and design facility in Melbourne. In a time when it is commonplace to switch to off-shore component sourcing, when we developed our new chair ranges flexi and bExact–a key factor for us was that the many elements of their structure were manufactured not just in Australia, but in Melbourne. Hence all of our plastics and foams utilise local labour and materials.Our key advantage is that we can personalise your chairs in any way to make them bigger, smaller,stronger and then adapt them to any challenge.

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Mission Statement:

“To be Australia’s leading supplier of ergonomic seating and accessories and assisting organisations to fully optimise their working-environments, by connecting to them with both product and education”.

Vision Statement:

“Continued growth with both local and international representation, by providing innovative & customer-focused products that add value to wholesale & end-user clients, that improves their lives as a result”.

Core Values

▪ We believe that success is linked to innovation.

▪ We seek to operate with integrity and ethically at all times.

▪ We are fully-focused on adding value for our channel-partners.

▪ We are committed to self-improvement and seek to pursue this continuously throughout our organisation.

▪ We aim to have a positive impact on the environments that we operate in, and which we impact upon.

▪ We strive to provide a working environment where our staff are safe, appreciated & respected; where the overall employee experience is optimal, and teamwork is the focus.

▪ We commit to providing the highest-possible levels of service in all of our actions and communications.

▪ We will be totally flexible in both our decision-making, as well as our delivery of product & services.


Posture Balance has ISO9001 Quality Assurance accreditation and this has been in place since 2004.

Our Quality management System (QMS) incorporates as overall collection of policies and procedures which focus on Environment, Social and economic considerations that equate to a program that is aligned with the Social Procurement policies of Government Purchasing.

These policies and procedures include:

a) A focus on the use of recycled materials, and the creation or recyclable products.

b) Minimisation of pollution and emissions.

c) Products which require minimal maintenance.

d) Products which are produced via ethical labour conditions, and by observing fundamental Human Rights.

e) Minimal impact on the natural environment.

f) Operating our Company with fair and ethical operating practices, including full compliance with consumer laws and fair trade practices.

g) Contributing to our local community and assisting Organisations with inclusive policies. As our products reach the end of their natural working life, we assist with either their recycle or repurpose to further minimise impact on environment and waste.

At all times, we are focused on the provision of Value for Money products and support services.

We note and comply with the concept of the Circular Economy, and all new research and development programs include a Life Cycle analysis as a forerunner to any physical commencement.


Only products that meet the strict rules approved by the Australian Federal Government are entitled to display the Australian Made trademark. Posture Balance is officially licensed to use the Australian Made marking logo on our products.

We maintain a strong commitment to ensuring our seating products meet local & international standards with certification undertaken by AFRDI or other equivalent testing laboratories overseas.

All business systems and process are audited annually by SAI Global – and we maintain a Quality Assured accreditation to: ISO 9001:2008

Posture Balance™ is a member of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society and a registered supporter of