Lumbar Rolls

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    Lumbar Rolls are a great way to increase lumbar support when working in an office for long hours on end.

    The lumbar rolls are available in half “D-Shape”, round and oval shapes.


    Lumbar Roll

    Lumbar Rolls are great at providing convex support to the spine.

    The rolls act as additional grooves for your current chair.

    Each Lumbar Roll comes with an adjustable strap that lets you attach to a chair in only a few seconds.

    Lumbar Rolls are a great way to reduce fatigue and irritation to the spine. If you spend long hours sitting down each day, make sure you have the appropriate ergonomic equipment to protect yourself from discomfort and injury.


    • 3 shapes (Round, oval, D-Shape, half)
    • Elastic strap


    Width of all shapes 280 mm wide
    Thickness Dependent on shape




    30 Days

    $27.95 (inc GST)

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