KAB ACS Executive


    The KAB ACS Executive is our top of the range 24/7 office chair.

    It is an AFRDI level 6 accredited chair that has been primarily designed for back-injury sufferers.

    KAB ACS Executive 24/7

    The ACE Executive is primarily designed for back pain sufferers especially in the 24/7 control room situation.

    It features eight electrically adjustable air bags in the seat and back cushions. These provide optimum comfort and ergonomic support.

    • Three air bags are located in the backrest which provide variable height lumbar support.
    • Two are located in the side cushions which provide customised side support.
    • Two are located in the side bolsters of the seat  cushion
    • One is located in the front thigh cushion for customised thigh support.

    Like all KAB office chairs, the ACS Executive also features back recline, tilt-lock and height riser mechanisms. Even the headrest is height and tilt adjustable.

    Furthermore, the armrests can be tipped-up out of the way or swivelled down to fit comfortably under your desk. The adjustability of this chair makes it an excellent injury rehabilitation chair.


    • 8 adjustable air bags in the seat and back cushions to ensure optimum comfort and support
    • Backrest recline adjustment
    • Tilt-lock mechanism
    • Height riser mechanism
    • Height & tilt adjustable headrest
    • Tip-up & swivel down armrests


    KAB ACS Executive Brochure


    Seat Size 540 mm wide x 500 mm Deep.
    Certification AFRDI Level 6
    Weight Rating 225 kg
    Adjustable Air Bags 8
    Backrest Recline 16 Degrees
    Height Adjustment 460 mm to 560 mm


    • Havana Black
    • Costa Navy Blue
    • Black Leather


    5 Years

    From $3,483.89 (inc GST)

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