Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

  • Humanscale Freedom Task Chair HSFR

    With more than 10 design awards to its name, the Freedom Task Chair is the ultimate addition to any workspace. The Freedom Task Chair is built for comfort and uses the sitters bodyweight to provide continual support during long periods of use. Enjoy a comfortable chair with a sleek, modern design that will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your office.

    Humanscale Freedom Task Chair 

    The Freedom Task Chair will change the way you think about office chairs. Enjoy a foam backrest that moulds itself to your body, paired comfortably with thick cushions for increased support. Every sitter will have a unique ergonomic mould as the chair shapes itself to the sitter.

    Most office chairs have an industry standard of four minutes when it comes to comfort. That means after four minutes of sitting in a chair the cushion support will fade. This is not the case with the Freedom Task Chair. The Humanscale cushions will provide up to four hours of continual body-fitting comfort for the sitter.

    The recline mechanism is cleverly designed to make life easier for the sitter. You don’t need to worry about levers or handles, the chair reclines according to your movement. The Freedom Task Chair will encourage healthy spine movement due to its active design.

    Available with optional arms.



    • Suits a range of body types because of body-fitting design
    • Self adjusting recline requires no levers or handles
    • Pivoting backrest
    • Armrests move with you as you recline providing greater support (Arms optional)
    • Contoured cushions
    • Modular design


    Weight Rating 135 kg
    Seat Width 445 mm
    Seat Depth 442 mm to 503 mm
    Back Width 445 mm
    Back Height 530 mm
    Mechanism Weight-sensitive, self locking recline
    Recline angle 20 Degrees


    • Black


    • Textiles & Cushions – 5 years of single shift use
    • All other components – 15 years
    From $1,200.00 (inc GST)

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