Manufacturer Profile

Gregory Commercial Furniture


At Gregory Commercial Furniture we consider the intricate harmony of the human body to be critical. We strive to preserve this balance, aiming to prevent any damage resulting from sitting incorrectly for long periods of time. To this end we are guided by a philosophy of body centred design.

Our approach does not simply finish with a chair adapted to support your frame. We employ a holistic philosophy to design, extending ergonomics to encompass your entire well-being.

Our first chair was developed in 1988 by physiotherapist and company founder, Peter Gregory, to address the largest cause of occupational back pain in Australian office workers - the office chair. His knowledge of the anatomical reasons for chronic back pain and his precise observations of correct seating posture, led to the development of our award winning Dual Density Posture Support System.

Since then we have gone on to develop a further four ergonomic seat technologies including the newly launched Dual Density MkII to create our most advanced ergonomic seating technology yet.


Our Mission:

Gregory has worked to be the leader in innovative ergonomic design. We’ve achieved this through our in-house development and high-quality manufacturing processes.  At Gregory we use our expertise to produce the best ergonomic seating, workstations, tables and health care equipment.


Our Vision:

Gregory’s vision is to be recognised as the Australian leader in ergonomic seating.

By developing new products, increasing our brand recognition, expanding our market share and selectively acquiring profitable, synergistic businesses we will ensure significant growth and the satisfaction of our clients, shareholders and staff.

We want to ensure that we always act honestly and ethically in our business practices and to be conscious of our responsibilities to the environment and communities in which we operate.

The Inventis Gregory group is proud to maintain its position in the market as a quality manufacturer, certified to both ISO 9001 and 14001. We have held our certification for many years and continue to develop and improve our systems and processes.

We aim to provide the highest level of quality and consistency in our products and services to ensure our customers expectations are satisfied in every instance.

To ensure these objectives are achieved all personnel are required to be united in maintaining an effective and efficient quality management system.

Accreditations include:

  • AFRDI certified products
  • GECA Certified products
  • Government approved supplier
  • Winner of Australian Design Awards
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • Comprehensive product warranties

Based in Eastern Creek NSW.

Our Values:

At Gregory, we value customer satisfaction and loyalty, the empowerment of staff, the improvement of processes and effective performance management.

We achieve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by:

  • Identifying key customer requirements
  • Establishing customer listening and learning procedures
  • Continual assessment and improving customer contact
  • Enabling transparent customer complaint management
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Aligning our management systems to attract and retain loyal customers

We empower staff by creating a high performance, focused workforce, aligned to achieving our company’s goals with a flat, flexible and fast-moving organisation through:

  • Demonstrating the link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Promoting cooperation, collaboration, innovation and flexibility
  • Sharing knowledge and information across work units
  • Aligning compensation, recognition and rewards with the company’s goal & plans
  • Addressing key health, safety and ergonomic issues
  • Encouraging individual initiative and responsibility
  • Improving employee well-being and satisfaction

We improve processes to enhance performance by:

  • Applying a step by step process improvement approach through complying with ISO9001
  • Identifying our core business processes that add customer value and outsource the rest
  • Translating customer requirements into product and service designs
  • Reducing production cycle times and the cost of poor quality
  • Managing critical business processes including supply chain management, research and development, and knowledge management
  • Benchmarking to inspire continuous improvements

We measure our performance by:

  • Developing a balanced scorecard based on agreed KPI measures
  • Communicating performance on key measures to those who can use the information to improve
  • Understanding the cause and effect relationship of key measures
  • Aligning measures and analysis with goals and strategies



Gregory Commercial Furniture has achieved ISO 14001 following an extensive audit of our Environmental Management System by SAI Global. This is complementary of our existing sustainability certification to ISO 9001.

End of Life Take Back Service:

Gregory leads the Australian furniture industry with its Circular-Economy program to minimise its environmental impact. Many importers have “programs” to take back their seating at the end of the products life by the reality is that they lack event the basic manufacturing facilities to deliver on this promise.

Gregory is a genuine Australian manufacturer and has a genuine local disassembly and recycling capability, to offer a genuine whole of life service. Gregory also has a refurbishment program to give a second life to various products. We currently provide this unmatched sustainability service to a number of the major banks for their visitor seating. Gregory also has the capability of refurbishing a large part of our range which allows our customers optimum sustainability opportunities and minimises waste.

Gregory’s Circular-Economy take-back program means Gregory has the capability to take back and fully disassemble Gregory chairs at the end of their product life. Gregory will recycle individual components and recycle or dispose of components correctly in its factory. The take-back program is priced at $35 per chair (this price will vary over the years due to inflation). Gregory can also take back non-Gregory chairs; this will involve a higher price as we are not aware of the material content or reusability in non-Gregory product.

Our Circular-Economy take-back program optimises our ability to provide our customers with the best in class ergonomics and sustainability while minimising waste.

Environmental Policy:

Gregory Commercial Furniture is committed to providing a superior product and services, whilst minimising adverse impacts to the environment. We care about the environment and not only recognise but appreciate that our operations may have an impact the environment locally and ultimately globally.

We believe it is our obligation to consider all aspects of our products’ impact on the environment, throughout their lifecycle: from raw material selection, right through to sustainable production methods as well as the reduction of waste and prevention of pollution in all aspects of our business.

We will comply with relevant environmental legislations, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe. Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in our stated aim to achieve the best environmental ratings outcome possible, for our entire product range.

This Environmental Policy is implemented, maintained and communicated to all stakeholders. The Environmental Policy is available to the public throughout Website and in the reception areas of our facilities.