Go Lateral Filing Cabinet

  • Go Lateral Filing Cabinet GLF2

    The Go Lateral Filing Cabinet is built to sit at desk height but provides the same capacity as a vertical 4 drawer filing cabinet.

    Built at desk height bench the Go Lateral filing cabinet has the same capacity as a traditional 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet with a lower and longer profile.

    Go Lateral Filing Cabinet

    The Go Lateral Filing Cabinet is developed with a longer and deeper profile so you can get all the benefits of a four drawer filing cabinet, but at a more comfortable desk height.

    Built to meet the toughest work settings with riveted construction for extra strength, there is nothing the Go Lateral can’t handle. Heavy Duty ball-bearing runners will make sure the drawers slide in and out with ease all throughout the day.

    Choose from either two, three or four drawer.


    • Anti-tilt locking
    • Two rows of foolscap folders per drawer
    • Designed for extra strength



    Size 2 Drawer 705 mm high x 900 mm wide x 470 mm deep
    Size 3 Drawer 1016 mm high x 900 mm wide x 470 mm deep
    Size 4 Drawer 1321 mm high x 900 mm wide x 470 mm deep
    Weight loading per drawer  45 kg
    Runners Heavy duty ball bearing
    Construction Metal
    Unit Weight (Empty)
    • 2 Drawer: 42 kg
    • 3 Drawer: 58 kg
    • 4 Drawer: 74 kg


    • White China
    • Black


    • 10 Years
    From $640.00 (inc GST)

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