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Laptop Bags

If your work or study requires you to transport your laptop between home and work, meetings, or classes, ergonomic laptop bags are a worthwhile investment. Laptops can be bulky and weigh up to a few kilograms, making them awkward to carry. 

Computer bags come in many styles, designs and colours to suit your busy lifestyle. Our range of laptop bags for both men and women are designed for comfort-minded professionals and students. Kensington is a popular brand of versatile bags for your computer or tablet. They are comfortable, secure, durable, stylish and ergonomically designed to reduce any neck and shoulder strain.

Choose the best laptop bag for you from our wide range of online supplies or come down to our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Laptop Bag FAQs

Do I need an ergonomic laptop bag for my computer?


Even when taking the utmost care, it's easy to accidentally scratch or dent a laptop, especially when transporting it between locations. A laptop is also easily exposed to dust and liquid. Therefore, laptop bags are very important when it comes to protecting your laptop from accidental spills, bumps and other environmental factors. Straps or pockets inside the bag secure your computer or device in place so it doesn't move, while padding surrounds it to protect it from any bumps.


Laptops can be both heavy and bulky, making carrying them freely in your arms or in a handbag difficult. No matter how far you need to travel with your laptop, without the right ergonomic bag, you may strain your shoulders, back and neck over time.

How do I compare different laptop bags to find the right one for me?

When it comes to buying the right laptop bag for you, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Ergonomic Style and Design

There are many different styles of bags for transporting your laptop. Some laptop bag styles and designs may be more appropriate for your lifestyle and ergonomic needs than others.

One of the most popular styles of bags for computers is the messenger bag. This bag is carried by a removable strap that goes on your shoulder or across your body. These bags are not the most ergonomically comfortable by design as they can put strain on your shoulders and neck. However, they can be suitable for lighter laptops and tablets. When browsing messenger bags, it's best to check if the shoulder strap is padded and adjustable for added comfort.

A backpack is also a very popular and timeless style of bag for your laptop. A backpack can be much more comfortable if it's designed with ergonomics in mind. It's best to keep an eye out for laptop backpacks that have lumbar support in the back panel to shift weight from your shoulders onto your hips, as well as fully adjustable contoured straps with padding to reduce shoulder and neck pain.

Lastly, roller bags for your laptop are one of the best bags in terms of ergonomics. With an extendable handle and wheels to roll the bag, no weight is placed on the shoulders and neck. These bags are perfect for plane travel or walking long distances.

Laptop Size

When choosing laptop bags, make sure you measure the dimensions of your device (width and length) and compare this to the dimensions of the bag so that it fits snug and doesn't move around unrestrained.

Additional Storage

A good laptop bag or backpack should carry more than just your laptop. They require secure pockets for your chargers, cables, documents and other items needed for a full day of business or study. For items that need to be accessed multiple times a day, pockets need to be in a convenient position. An expandable backpack or roller is also beneficial for fitting more.

Padding and Protection

To protect your laptop or device from bumps and scratches, computer bags must have adequate padding in the pockets. Durable, water-resistant material is important for protecting your laptop from liquid spills and moisture.

What's the difference between laptop sleeves or cases and bags?

Laptop sleeves or cases have a slightly different use to bags. Cases are only a little bigger than a laptop and fit snugly around the device to protect it from dust, dents and scratches when not in use. They can be slightly padded fabric, neoprene, or be made of hard plastic. A sleeve provides protection within a regular backpack or handbag. It can also be used inside a proper laptop bag for extra padding and security.

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