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Chair Solutions

About: Chair Solutions brings over 30 years of knowledge in functional ergonomic seating and design to you. As seating continues to evolve, Chair Solutions brings the latest developments and design from around the world to you. CS has established five factories in Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth to bring our expertise and support to you.

History: In 1985, John Dawson founded a family business to provide locally made ergonomic task chairs to office product resellers. Products that would beat imported furniture in quality, delivery, and provide local markets greater options in upholstery.Expanding in the early 2000s into the Australian market, we grew beyond office products to offer complete seating solutions for corporate, healthcare, government, and education.

Mission: Our mission is to unleash the potential in local; the people, products, places and spaces. We add local value through product design, in-house upholstery, our own CS-foam, our workers, and disrupting the importation of finished office furniture.

Accreditations include:

Brands: Ergolink offers products from Chair Solutions including ergonomic office chairs Rexa and Delta.



Chair Solutions NZ Environmental Policy


  1. Chair Solutions NZ is a manufacturer of commercial office chairs located in Wellington. While

all employees have a role to play in maintaining standards, the overall responsibility for the policy

lies with management and company directors. The Environmental Officer/Health and Safety is EMS

champion and has the authority to act on the company’s behalf to implement and maintain the

Enviro-mark program.



  1. Chair Solutions NZ accepts responsibility for the possible harmful effects its operations may

have on the environment and Chair Solutions NZ is committed to being an environmentally

conscious and responsible company. To maintain this commitment Chair Solutions NZ’s policy is to

strive to ensure that all aspects of the organizations operations have the least harmful effect on the

environment. This is achieved by adopting and implementing sound environmental practices in all its



  1. This policy is fully supported by management and is communicated to all stakeholders,

visitors and employees.


  1. It is Chair Solutions NZ’s policy to:

a. ensure that all environmental legislation and regulatory requirements are met and

where possible improved upon;

b. provide all the necessary resources to progress and maintain the Enviro-mark Standard;

c. measure the significant aspects & work continually to reduce their environmental impacts;

d. operate in an ecological manner by reducing waste and minimizing the use of energy and resources;

e. work closely with suppliers, the community and employees to develop and implement agreed environmental initiatives;

f. dispose of waste in a responsible manner and where possible re-use and recycle;

g. look for continual improvements by setting objectives and targets, to prevent and reduce all types of pollution;

h. to provide an environmentally sound workplace and implement sound work practices;

i. document, monitor and review the implementation of the policy by carrying out periodic audits and where appropriate introduce remedial action;

j. measure and communicate Chair Solutions NZ’s environmental management performance annually to directors and employees, and

k. to make available the policy to any interested parties.

  1. Chair Solutions NZ has a committee, comprised of management and employees, who are dedicated to investigate and implement meaningful best practice protocols.