Accord are leaders in ergonomic height adjustable desks and have helped countless people improve their comfort and overall wellbeing when working in an office.

Sit-stand desks are known to help with weight problems as you burn more calories when standing.  Standing desks can also help to reduce back pain by encouraging a healthy posture when standing.

We have an extensive range on Accord desks, you will be sure to find the perfect desks for your situation. They even have L-shaped desks if you are one of the unlucky corner desk workers.

With an Accord height adjustable desk you can enjoy all the ergonomic features while also having a stylish desk that is suitable for any modern work environment.

To try out an Accord Adjustable Desk before buying, come in to our Perth showroom and speak with one of our trusted ergonomic experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.



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