Body Hugger Cushion

  • Body Hugger Cushion 113BH

    The Body Hugger cushion is an affordable option if your office chair isn’t meeting your comfort needs. An all-purpose back support cushion for the home or office.

    Body Hugger Cushion

    The Body Hugger cushion is a great ergonomic device that can instantly provide you with improved lumbar and lateral support.

    The cushion takes a matter of seconds to install, simply attach to the chair with an elastic strap and you are good to go.

    If you are spending long hours in an office chair, make sure all your comfort needs are being met by using the Body Hugger cushion!


    • Elastic strap
    • Available in a wool cover
    • All purpose


    Size  400 mm wide x 340 mm deep
    Height 100 mm




    30 Days

    $69.25 (inc GST)