Supply Update - Therapod Chairs Nov 2019


Therapod Chairs – Supply Update!

As it stands now, the Therapod range of chairs in Australia are temporarily unavailable. We do not see supply restarting until sometime next year and even then, we are unsure what models will be available or pricing.

The situation

Therapod is the company that owns the proprietary rights to the adjustable back strap system and shell back in the chairs. As of Nov 1, Therapod changed its Australian manufacturer and distribution.

The previous manufacturer of 20 years used the Therapod shell but owned the back styles, sizes, seat technology and names. It is therefore unlikely any of these will be the same going forward.

As of this week, the new manufacturers’ Rep did not know what back styles, seat sizes, seat technology, fabrics or even what models are to be made or by when. To top this off there will be no certification on the chairs and there is no pricing available anyway.  Basically, it’s a mess and resellers and clients are now high and dry in regard to Therapod.

Going forward

Fortunately, we have found a range of chairs that can also offer an adjustable back support style combined with a range of seat sizes, foams, and weight ratings. And as a bonus this option is purely Australian made and owned and already has models available with more coming online.

Last week Jeanne and Steve from Ergolink traveled to Melbourne to assess the range of options available from Posture Balance and were extremely positive and relieved. In fact, they believe that the Posture Balance range will more than cover the styles, options and weight ratings that were required by our clients before.

Ergolink has bought over showroom stock for clients to assess.

To understand more about Posture Balance and the chair options immediately available:

Introducing Posture Balance

The Posture Balance range at Ergolink:


Please note that new models and variations are coming through over the next few months and we will keep you up to date as more information is received. If you wish to discuss this situation or your options in regard to chair options, please call the team at Ergolink on 9240 7066 or email