Posture Balance - A New Revolution in Chair Technology


We take the opportunity to advise that Ergolink have proudly joined the Posture Balance™ distribution network.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, we are delighted to introduce bExact as the only chair that truly knows you! So simple and quick to adjust, bExact responds to your size and shape with a perfect fit.

If your chair happens to be shared with a co-worker, then in a matter of moments it can be readjusted to suit them in the same way. Think of how much more comfortable you will feel with a back that supports the contours of your own shape, and how energised you’ll be at the end of each day by sitting in a chair that follows your every movement?

It is so precise in its level of personal recognition, that it’s actually Exact…how exciting is that! The bExact revolutionises the adjustable backrest chair by utilising 3 Comfort Control dials on the side of the chair, each featuring 12x unique positions.

We have a collection of bExact chairs in stock and invite you to review this wonderful new chair either at our Showroom, or in the comfort of your own Organisation.


Core Range

bExact Prime

The Prime features a sleek upholstery style that suits the clean lines of a modern workplace.

bExact Prestige.

The Prestige presents with a bold, bordered upholstery detailing, that represents strength and leadership.

Heavy Duty Range

Intensive task operative range that can cater for users
between 150kgs - 300kgs utilizing reinforced components that have been tested to withstand heavy loads.


The bExact chair features three tear-drop Comfort Control adjustments which are used to increase or decrease the level of back-support to suit each individual preference.

An elite concept that marvels in both its aesthetics and functionality is what sets the Prestige & Prime apart from all others.

Available with a variety of mechanisms, the Prestige & Prime features our unique and world-first adjustable Comfort Control posture support system.

Sizes are available in Low, High & Extra High back models, and these can be modified with optional seat sizes and upgrades to suit the various shapes and needs of each user.

Finally, a chair where one size can fit all…

Seat Customisation

Research shows that a poorly designed seat – including some with dual density foams – may have inferior pressure-distribution patterns and ultimately increase disc pressure in the lumbar and coccyx areas coursing unhealthy long term effects.

Our unique range of pelvic and posture support seat technology now use an amazing gel and visco foam, providing 100% support as the seat draws heat away from the user, and softens / molds itself to the precise shape of the person in the chair.

Flat G2: 
Gel/Visco Elastic hybrid contoured seat. 
Available in 3x sizes.
Can be cut down.

Moulded M3:
Single Density foam throughout entire seat cushion. Standard on the flexi Primo and flexi Plush.
Can be cut-down.

Exclusive coccyx cut out pressure relieving seat cushion. Gel/Visco Elastic hybrid contoured seat.
Available in 3x sizes.
Cannot be cut-down

Gel/Visco Elastic hybrid contoured seat.
Cannot be cut-down.

Dual Density Foam, with structural base foam with ‘Buttock’ Shaped upper section option for HD Chairs.
Can be cut down.

Gel/Visco Elastic hybrid pressure relieving seat.
Can be cut down.

Seen on:
flexi Bariatric offers the full flexi ‘Pre-Adjusted’ Back Support System, on a strengthened chair and the exclusive HygroTeq foam that provides excellent support and weight distribution that aims to assist with the reduction of pressure sores.


Mechanisms & Seat Heights

The table above does not list the Heavy Duty Range.
Please refer to product specification sheets from our website.