7 of the Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad’s Desk


Two children giving their dad a Father’s Day gift, hugging on the couch.

Now that ties have long gone by the wayside and shoes and socks are optional when working from home, you might be scratching your head for Father’s Day gift ideas.

For the office working dad, there’s plenty of choice in items you can buy for his desk. He’ll appreciate something ergonomic that will take the strain out of a long workday. With plenty of dads working between the office and home, he may have multiple desks in need of the latest equipment. Or you can use your imagination and give dad a unique gift that reminds him of you when it sits with pride on his desk.   

#1 Laptop/Monitor Stand

If dad is crouched over a laptop when he’s working from home, it’s time to upgrade his setup and invest in a stand. Lifting the laptop off the desk to eye level can help avoid muscle strain and eye strain. A stand can also improve productivity when you’re not hunched over the laptop. For those dads who use a split screen monitor with their laptop, a stand helps move the laptop higher so both screens are at similar heights to help with workflow.

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#2 Laptop Bags

For the dad who needs to take his laptop back and forth to the office, he needs a stylish bag. Some prefer the comfort of a backpack to hold a laptop while other dads need a roller laptop briefcase to carry more than just their computer. The roller bag will be ideal for when he has regular plane travel again.

Have a look at which type of laptop bag you think dad would prefer.

#3 Ergonomic Mouse

A new-age ergonomic mouse not only looks like an impressive gift, it makes prolonged periods of computer mouse work more comfortable. There’s plenty to choose from depending on the type of work he does and whether he’s left or right-handed. Even a wrist rest or mouse pad can make a difference.

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#4 Ergonomic Keyboard

If your dad has been typing away at the same keyboard for years, it’s time for an upgrade. An ergonomic keyboard offers low activation force and a tactile feel that requires reduced effort. The range of ergonomic keyboards includes wired, wireless, and split plus number pads and keypads.

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#5 Headset

If dad is always on the phone with work, we know he’ll appreciate a wireless headset so he can talk at his desk hands-free. And if you and your siblings have been making too much noise while dad is working from home, he’ll need a headset with a noise cancelling microphone and mute button.

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#6 Air Purifier

We all want to breathe clean so get dad an air purifier to suit his space. There are small personal purifiers right through to big units that can clean a medium or large room. An air purifier is perfect for the dad who suffers allergies with spring almost upon us.  

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 #7 Something to Remind Him of You

Once dad’s desk is decked out in all things ergonomic, it’s time to add a personal touch. You can buy him a photo frame with a picture of yours truly or put your smiley face onto a handy coffee mug or coaster. If his office needs some art on the walls, turn your painting masterpiece into a canvas or poster. Be creative and make it a Father’s Day to remember.  

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