6 Ways to Manage Cables Under Your Desk


the back of a desktop computer sitting on a desk with the cords hanging

If it looks like a tangled, twisted mess of cables under your desk, it’s time to take action. Your cables are not only unsightly, it’s time-consuming working out which plug to pull out and can also be a trip hazard. A little time investment now organising the cables in your workspace is a future time & frustration saver.

What to Consider with Cable Management

If you don't have a desk or are upgrading, it’s a good opportunity to consider how to organise your cables. Look around for conveniences like cable entry holes or cutouts along the desk edge that allows cables to fall beneath the desk while preventing rubbing against or catching on surroundings. If working with your existing desk consider drilling into the top to help manage the clutter. Well-designed ergonomic height adjustable desks should be offering options for proper cable management.  

While some cables are essential, others are optional. You can minimise the cord clutter by choosing a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. If you charge your phone at your desk, try a wireless charging pad.  

As always safety first! Try to plan and organise your workspace so that extensions cords and power boards are against walls, running around the perimeter of the space, or if as a last resort the cords must run across a walk space consider covering it with a rug, trip prevention tape, or floor cable covers. 
While you're organising your cables attach labels.  One on each end takes away the guesswork at the device end & at the power board end.

#1 Basket case of Cables and Cords

A cable management basket is one of the most professional-looking ways to contain your cables. With the basket secured to the underside of the desktop, it holds power boards & coiled cables, tidying up the jumble of cables.  The basket is also the preferred option for those who use a height-adjustable desk. With the basket holding the power board, there’s no risk of pulling the cords out of the back of your computer when you raise the desk. The Cable Management Basket is available in varying lengths & widths to accommodate most situations. 

#2 Try a Tray for Organisation

Similar to the basket, the Easy Access Cable Management Tray is attached underneath the desk to keep cables and power cords neat and away from the feet. The tray has a nifty swing-down feature that gives you easy access to all your cables should you need to reorganise your cable situation.    

#3 Cover Up Your Cords

If you prefer hiding the cables, use a wrap or sleeve. Cable covers come in all shapes, materials, colours, and sizes. Find them at a local hardware or office supply store. There are covers that can sit along the top of the skirting boards, under the desk, on top of the desk, and wherever there’s a cable that needs a cover. 

#4 Cable Tie Your Cables

The cheapest option is to use cable ties to pull multiple cables into a single rope. One thick string of cables looks far better than multiple cables taking up the back half of your desk and collecting their own dust. There are plenty of cable tie options to choose from including plastic and velcro.

#5 Boxed Out

Some people prefer the out-of-sight, out-of-mind method. Stylish cable management boxes with entry and exit points at the back and enough room inside to hide a power cable become part of the decor. Use dedicated cable boxes made from electrically-safe material. Power boards can generate heat that can be a fire hazard if housed in boxes that aren't a good fit for cable management.  The Boost Plus range of height adjustable desks offers an optional cable management system that attaches to the desk frame - simple, convenient with a clean aesthetic.

#6 Hide Out in Drawers

Lastly, cords can be placed and hidden in a drawer. Devices that don’t need to live on top of your desk can be placed in a cabinet drawer with the cords running through a hole in the back of the drawer. Use hooks to run the cords to the power source if needed. If you have desk space, invest in desktop drawers to set up a charging station.    

If you need some help with cable management, call Ergolink at (08) 9240 7066 or contact us online. We’ll answer your questions and recommend high-quality equipment to suit your requirements.