5 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need an Ergonomic Chair


Male office worker in pain from sitting on a standard office chair

There’s no doubt an ergonomic chair can make all the difference to your workday. An office chair can only be ergonomic if it matches the body shape and type of work of the user. A good quality ergonomic chair doesn’t come cheap, so you will need to put forward a good case as to why you need a new chair. 

Here are 5 ways you can convince your boss that you need an ergonomic office chair. 

#1 Improved Productivity

Every boss likes to hear there will be a return on their investment and that’s what ergonomic chairs offer. Research shows the more comfortable you’re at work, the more productive you will be. A Washington State study of 4,000 workers revealed after moving to ergonomic office furniture workers experienced a 75% reduction in absenteeism, the error rate reduced by 56% and time on task increased by 40%. 

Even if your productivity increases a tiny percentage each day, it doesn’t take too many weeks to ‘payback’ the cost of your new ergonomic chair.   

#2 Injury Prevention

Repetitive strain injuries take time to develop, often years. Luckily there are warning signs you can look out for before an injury occurs. If you are suffering from any kind of pain after sitting for prolonged periods, it’s a sign that you might have developed an injury.   

Just as repetitive strain injuries take time to develop, they also take a long time to heal. If not diagnosed and treated in the early stages, an injury can become chronic and affect a person for many years. Without taking time off work for complete rest, it’s difficult to avoid continued aggravation. By switching to an ergonomic chair, you can help prevent the abnormal strain of the muscular system.

#3 Pain Prevention

The wrong office chair can lead to injuries and can make existing ones worse. You might have an injury that is unrelated to work, but can worsen from sitting for long periods in a non-ergonomic chair. 

Prolonged sitting is proven to cause lower back pain, muscle fatigue and tiredness. One study conducted over three-years revealed that ergonomic interventions can improve work-related posture and reduce lower back pain.

Even if you aren’t suffering from pain now, an ergonomic chair can prevent pain from starting. No matter your age or physical condition, it’s never too early to start looking after your body. If you intend working in a desk role for many years, you must care for your body now so you can have a long pain-free career. 

#4 You’re Not the Average Body Size

Not everyone is an ‘average body size’. We all come in different shapes and sizes. There is an ergonomic office chair available to accommodate every body shape. 

Chairs for petite workers have a shorter seat length, so it isn’t longer than the length of their thigh. An ideal seat depth will support the hips and knees and allows your legs to remain in a 90-degree angle. This ensures proper circulation of your legs. Small stature chairs can be made to order, so the user can choose the ideal width and depth of the seat size. An adjustable footrest attached to the chair means the worker’s feet are never dangling in the air. 

Chairs for extra tall and heavier workers are also available. Heavy duty and bariatric chairs are suitable for workers who weigh up to 300 kg. These chairs have a higher, wider seat and back support. This provides the worker with better support and comfort. Most heavy-duty chairs are developed using a steel substructure, which assures strength and stability for the user. You should explain to your boss that your body shape requires more than a standard office chair to protect you from injury. 

#5 Comfort

An ergonomic chair is much more comfortable than one that isn’t ergonomic. Most normal office chairs have a hard seat which puts pressure on the hips, leading to tightness and pain after sitting for a few hours.  

Non-ergonomic chairs can’t be fully altered to suit your body’s length and shape. You need a chair with an adjustable lumbar and back support to keep you free of lower back pain, a common complaint for sedentary workers. Adjustable armrests support shoulders, elbows and wrists when you’re using a computer all day. 

We know the key to good health is constant movement, even when you’re sitting. An ergonomic chair encourages movement throughout the workday. Active ergonomic chairs optimise your posture and provide a diverse range of hip, pelvis and spinal movements that stimulate your circulation.    

With the many health benefits of ergonomic chairs provided, it should be easy to convince your boss why you need an ergonomic chair. You can also take a look at our three-part Ergonomic Office Chairs Buyers Guide. This will help with choosing the right chair based on your body shape, job requirements and comfort level.  

If you are unsure of the right chair for your body shape and type of work, visit our Perth showroom or call us on (08) 9240 7066 or contact us online.