Ergonomic Office Chairs Buyers Guide - Part 1


A business woman sitting in an ergonomic office chair against a white background

The humble office chair is one of the most ergonomically essential pieces of furniture in all workplaces. An chair can only be ergonomic if it correctly matches the user’s body shape and the type of work they do. Choose the right ergonomic office chair and you’ll feel the difference in your whole body.

This is a multi-part buyers guide. Take a look at Part 2: Task Chairs here and Part 3: Mesh Chairs here.


Choosing the Right Ergonomic Office Chair is an Important Decision

Australia is a country of sedentary workers. According to a Safe Work Australia report, half of all workers reported sitting often or all day at work while 81% said they were exposed to occupational sitting. While standing desks are growing in popularity in offices around the country, working in the office while sitting is still the norm. The least you can do is invest in an office chair that is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Additional reading: Sitting Time and Mortality From All Causes research paper.


Types of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office chairs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed to suit the demands of the job while others and made to measure to suit the body type. Let's take a look at the different chair options to help you decide on which one you need:

Control Room Chairs

Also known as a 24-hour chair, a control room chair needs to provide maximum comfort for users to sit for long periods often working under stressful situations. The chairs are designed to encourage a healthy posture by supporting the body as it moves in the chair. Often designed with a headrest and “free floating” mechanism to allow the user to lean back to view monitors and screens set high on walls. Most control room chairs have been tested and certified for 24/7 use which is critical for warranty compliance.

For more information, see our Control Room Chairs page.

Executive Chairs

With headrest, armrests and the ability to recline, an executive chair supports someone who spends many hours in the chair. High-quality executive chairs with headrests will move with the chair as the user reclines; no need to use any levers or knobs to make adjustments.

See our full range of Ergonomic Executive Chairs here.

Heavy Duty Chairs and Bariatric Chairs

Heavy duty chairs are designed to seat at least 150 kg, while bariatric are designed for weights over 250 kg and up to over 300kg. The steel substructure provides the strength while gel or dense foam seats encourage correct posture and to distribute weight evenly. All our bariatric chairs are tested to ensure accurate weight ratings.

For more information, check out our Heavy Duty & Bariatric Chairs page.

Task Chairs

In most offices, you will find more task chairs than any other type. But being common doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable and ergonomic. A high-quality task chair has dual-density seat technology for sustained comfort after many hours sitting in the chair. Users even have the option of designing their chair by choosing the back shape, seat size, arms and seat technology.

Take a look at the variety of Ergonomic Task Chairs we have available. (the Gregory Inca range is popular and highly recommended).

Mesh Chairs

A mix of modern design and comfort, ergonomic mesh chairs are very popular. Mesh chairs traditionally have been viewed as not providing as much ergonomic back support as fabric back task chairs. Dual-density seat technology can also help reduce muscle pain. For those office workers that like airflow around their back, a mesh chair is their preferred choice.

See our range of Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs.

Visitor and Conference Chairs

We haven’t just thought of the workers - we stock visitor and conference attendees chairs too. Designed to fit together closely and stack neatly for easy storage, these chairs have comfortable seats and backs. Chrome or steel bases give them strength and durability for use in a range of settings.

For more information, see our range of Visitor and Conference Chairs.

Industrial & Drafting Chairs

Some industries need their own chairs. We stock a range of drafting chairs built for users seated at benches or raised desks. The chairs can have a foot ring for comfort and use a drafting gas lift.

See the range of Industrial Chairs.

Ergonomic Stools

Not all work situations call for a chair; sometimes an ergonomic stool is a better choice. Ergonomically designed, many of our stocked stools either mimic the saddle position (hence the name saddle stool). Sitting in the saddle position means your thighs are wide and hips are low while an exercise-type design encourages active sitting.

Check out the variety of Ergonomic Stools we have on offer.

Petite Chairs

People who are small in stature can work more comfortably using a petite chair that allows them to touch the floor while seated. A smaller seat and lower height to match the user’s physique can make a big ergonomic difference.

See the different Petite Chairs we have available.


Find Yourself an Ergonomic Office Chair That is Just Right

If you’re unsure of the right chair for your body shape and type of work, visit our Perth showroom and sit on as many chairs as you like to do your research. If this isn’t an option, give Ergolink a call on (08) 9240 7066 and speak to one of our experienced consultants or contact us online.