Manufacturer Profile


About: For over 30 years, Advanta has been at the forefront of commercial seating in Australia, manufacturing products which meet the highest standards in terms of design, ergonomics and quality.

Chairs are our specialty, so it’s our business to keep abreast of all the latest trends and developments in office seating.

Ergonomics, comfort, support, fabrics for chairs, textures, colours; our constant research and development makes Advanta the ultimate resource when it comes to seating options and product knowledge.

Making chairs in Australia has changed a lot in the time we’ve been around. Overseas brands have moved in, and low quality imports have flooded the market.

Others have come and gone, but our adaptability, continuous improvement and reputation have enabled us to grow while continuing to deliver on the highest standards of operational excellence.


Australian Manufacturing

A key strength, Advanta has modern manufacturing facilities in Australia. This gives us control over the production process, ensuring product quality and faster project delivery.

State of the art European upholstery equipment and teams of skilled craftsmen and assemblers produce thousands of chairs at our manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Perth.

Our operations department is constantly innovating and searching for new ways to improve our level of service. We apply lean thinking to increase efficiencies and eliminate waste, and we operate a flexible manufacturing system.

This results in fast lead times which are driven by customer requirements rather than the rigid production model used by most furniture manufacturers.

Eco 5 Rated Label

Products bearing the Eco 5 Rated Label have been assessed against stringent environmental criteria and are good for the environment and for human health.

The Eco 5 Rating assessment considers criteria including materials, harmful substances, expected life cycle, packaging, separability, recyclability and emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Find more on the specific characteristics of each criteria here

Product Stewardship End-of-life ‘Take-back’ Program

Product stewardship recognises everyone involved in the production, supply and use of products and sharing responsibility for the environmental impact throughout a product’s life cycle… from production through to disposal.

It aims to avoid and reduce waste and increase recycling and resource recovery.

The vital initial step in the cycle is superior product design. ECO 5 Rated products are designed and manufactured to withstand the demands of the commercial environment and the use of premium materials is meshed with the continuous addition of new features to extend the products’ original life-span (First-life).

ECO 5 Rated Product Stewardship End-of-life ‘Take-back’ Program completes the eco-cycle and assists with the management and disposal of products at the end of their useful life with the original user.

The manufacturer of the ECO 5 Rated products will receive and dispose of its ECO 5 Rated products provided they are returned in an uncontaminated and reusable or recyclable condition within 12 years from date of manufacture.