Goldtouch Ambidexterous Wireless Mouse

  • Goldtouch Ambidexterous Wireless Mouse 12GTAMB

    The Goldtouch Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse allows your hand to be free of any muscle aches that commonly occur during normal mouse use.

    Goldtouch proudly delivers a comfortable mouse that would mirror a hand in a weightless environment.


    Goldtouch Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

    The Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse can be adjusted on a 24-degree angle position, that stops your hand resting in a static position.

    This allows healthy muscle movement and increases productivity throughout your workday.

    A handy feature of this wireless mouse is the addition of an extra large padded thumb support that allows you to maintain a secure hand grip at all times.

    Equipped with a plug and play operation, you won’t have to waste time installing any additional drivers. The Goldtouch Comfort Mouse is available for left handed and right-handed users.


    • Windows and Mac compatibility
    • 24-degree angle to reduce muscle stress
    • Comfortable thumb grip



    Cordless - USB Receiver

    Operating Systems
    • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 10.2
    • Mac OS X 10.2 and later

    11.43 cm long x 6.35 cm wide

    Weight 130 gm
    Batteries 2 x AA Alkaline (included)




    1 Years (limited)

    $81.00 (inc GST)