Why use a telephone headset?


Once viewed as a luxury item in the office, a headset is now a critical element of a good office setup.

The speed and demands of work gets faster and heavier every day, and great communication is a critical part of business. The use of a good quality headset can greatly improve efficiency and comfort for those who are heavy users of the telephone.

Increasingly, we see problems caused by trying to hold the phone on the shoulder with the head tilted on an angle. An over-the-head or over-the-ear headset can greatly reduce these problems by:

  • Reducing neck & shoulder pain
  • Improving posture at the desk
  • Reducing tension across the shoulders

Not only does a headset offer great ergonomic advantages, the efficiency and productivity gains must also not be underestimated. These can include:

  • Ability to use both hands on the keyboard while on the phone
  • Better concentration with the person on the other end of the call.
  • Freedom to take notes while on the call
  • Ability to walk while on the phone (I often wander into the showroom to describe stock to a customer).
  • Ability to answer the phone when you are away from the desk.
  • Reduction of noise from the environment around you (including the ability to leave the area)

However, it is not as simple as getting any headset and plugging it in - it must be compatible with your phone system. The critical part is knowing what make and model you phone system is and going from there.

Also, choose the style which suits you best – over-the-head or over-the-ear. Comfort plays an important role in whether you use the headset.

Some accessories can also make using the headset more effective. Accessories such as a light either on the headset itself or on top of your computer monitor can illuminate when you’re on the phone. This makes it easy for your work colleagues around you to know when you are on the phone.

An investment in a good headset will pay you back many times over its life and once you use one, you will never go back to theold telephone handset.