Rollin On


Rollin' on....

Most people think that a chair castor (wheel) is not important and they are all the same – not so. Did you know that the right castors can make or break the performance of your chair? It’s amazing to hear the number of people who are frustrated with broken, missing or generally misbehaving wheels on their chair.

Correcting the issue can transform a chair into a pleasure to use, increasing enjoyment at work and general efficiency. It’s also easier to get the best out of the other features of your chair if you’re not distracted by an irritating wheel.

Did you know that there are many types of castors and it’s important to pick the right one for your situation? The main types available are:

  • Standard
  • Heavy duty
  • Loaded Braking (brake when you sit on the chair)
  • Unloaded braking (brake when you get off the chair)
  • Hard floor (soft rubber)
  • Glides (not wheels)

Just think about how many hours a day/ week you sit in your chair and how often it moves. You wouldn’t put up with a broken button on your keyboard so why put up with the wrong castors on your chair.

If this sounds like some of the chairs at your work give Ergolink a call and we can help fix the problem.