Monitor Arms


If you’re thinking about monitor arms to help improve your ergonomic set up, take the time to consider what it is you really need.

Do you have one monitor or two?  More?

How big & how heavy are the screens?  21inch? 24 inch?  & in which profile will you need the screens?

Will you need to move your screens around once set up?  Eg.  In a reception area or hot desking, or will you be able to set & forget?

If you need to have the flexibility of regular movement what range of movement will you need?  Screen up & down? Tilt? Rotation? In / out?

What mounting options do you have available?   Do you have space to clamp the arm to the side or back of the workspace?  Can you use a bolt thru or Wall mount? Or is free standing the best option?

Will you need the flexibility to add / remove arms at a later date?

Would you like the arms to have cable management capability?

And then come questions like

Does your current screen have VESA mounting options?  A VESA mount is the 4 screw pattern on the back of a monitor – usually in a 75mm or 100mm square – that allows the monitor to be mounted to the bracket that attaches it to the arm. 

Is colour important?

What is your budget?

Sounds like a game of 20 questions…

In the world of monitor arms the options are wide & varied, as are the prices.  There are entire websites dedicated to monitor arms, however with a little fore thought & understanding your requirements finding the right Monitor Arms for your situation needn’t be a chore.

At ERGOLINK we have several different Monitor Arm styles and brands to view & experience in our showroom, however if yours is not there we will find it for you.