Mesh Vs Fabric Chairs - Which is Best?



two happy women sitting behind each other in their mesh or fabric office chair in an office setting

One of the biggest decisions when choosing an ergonomic office chair is whether you want a mesh or fabric chair. 

There's much debate about mesh versus fabric. Some people strongly prefer one over the other while some have no preference as there are other features of the chair they may be more concerned about. Here we consider the pros and cons of mesh and fabric chairs.  

What is the Difference Between Mesh and Fabric Chairs? 

Whether you like mesh or fabric back office chairs, it's a personal choice. But if you haven’t made up your mind, read on. 

Mesh Office Chairs

At Ergolink we stock mesh back chairs with padded fabric seats for the added protection we need when sitting for long periods. 

It’s important to buy a mesh chair from a reputable ergonomic office equipment store. A poorly made mesh chair can be uncomfortable but be much harder on the body when used for extended periods.  Look for an option that offers ergonomically acceptable adjustments & flexibility.

Pros of Mesh Chairs

  • Many people find mesh chairs cooler than fabric options as the mesh allows for air circulation.
  • Mesh can be easier to keep clean & are less likely to stain than fabric, and debris is less visible on the mesh

Cons of Mesh Chairs

  • Damaged mesh is harder to repair or replace compared to fabric chairs.
  • Poor-quality meshes are usually too hard or too soft or can stretch with use.
  • Difficult to get the right balance between comfort and support
  • Poor quality chairs don't have enough flex, so most of the pressure from the body weight ends on the tailbone.
  • Some types of mesh can be harsh and cause skin abrasions or pilling on clothes. 
  • Often designed to ‘look the part’ 
  • Usually an imported product so options to customise are limited if offered at all

Ergolink stocks a wide range of ergonomic mesh chairs. Check out our range of mesh office chairs to find the one that best suits your requirements.

Fabric Chairs

Fabric ergonomic office chairs have been around for decades & are consistently a topic of research & design principle. The quality of foam used & contouring employed in seat back & seat pans has greatly improved, so it holds its shape and thickness even after hundreds of hours of use.  Body support in a well designed fabric should support the lumbar & hips to reduce stress and pressure.    

Pros of Fabric Chairs

  • In Australia, fabric chairs tend to offer at least 4 points of ergonomic adjustment 
  • Greater range of back size options
  • Australia is well represented with reliable local manufacturers so we have huge flexibility to customise 
  • Fabric chairs offer warmth for colder or air-conditioned environments
  • Generally offer greater support for users who sit for long periods of time
  • Less likely for the body to come into contact with the chair's frame with padded supports
  • Colour your world - a much greater variety of colours & finishes

Cons of Fabric Chairs

  • Some people find a padded back too hot, particularly in summer
  • Cleanliness can be tricky with a fabric finish

Our range of fabric office task chairs is impressive. Find one that suits your needs. Many of these chair brands have a high, medium, or low back available to suit the various heights of most workers:

Why Choose an Ergonomic Chair?

The most important choice when buying an office chair is selecting a high-quality ergonomic chair that provides you with the right support. While looks are lovely investing in a new chair should support & protect your body,  Try to be conscience of features that will:

Be fully adjustable 

Having the option to alter the different parts of the chair including height, seat pan length and angle, back height and angle is essential. This way the chair can be customised to your body’s requirements and offer the posture support you need to remain in the correct sitting position. 

Help back pain

Many Australians suffer from back pain now or may do so in the future, so a backrest needs to support the natural curvature of the spine whether you’re tall or short. This is also an investment in your overall health.

Provide hip pressure relief

The right padding on the seat offers support to the hips and tailbone to reduce stress and pressure. 

Be a productivity booster

A comfortable chair makes for a productive team. When the body is supported and comfortable, the user is less likely to be distracted and move around in their chair.

Remember, whichever office chair you choose, nothing beats taking regular breaks, resting your eyes, walking around the office to get the circulation going and giving pressure points a rest while you stand.

Call Ergolink on (08) 9240 7066 to discuss a chair that’s right for you or visit our website, in person at our showroom, or contact us online.