How to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional


A professional and fun looking office space transformed with featured wall plants.

We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so it’s not surprising that we would want to work in an inviting environment. The office environment can set the tone for our workday, and no one wants their day to be dreary. Some workplaces try adding personality into the office to inspire their employees to be creative and productive. Here’s how yours can too. 

Time to Amp Up the Office Fun

Employees today don’t want it to be all about work. They want to have a little fun when they’re at work. If your office looks like the finance manager organised the last revamp and chose ‘beancounter beige’ for the walls and every piece of furniture, it’s time to go a little bolder. Brighten up the office and inspire your workers to use their creativity to work outside the box now and then.

Fun But Not Flippant

There’s a fine line between an office looking fun and flippant. The goal is for the office to be a supportive environment for staff members but also professional for visitors. Your workforce may be young and appreciate an edgy design, but an older client may struggle to see the workplace as a professional. Both sides need to be considered and need to be comfortable with the tone of the office environment.   

6 Ways to Make the Office Space Fun

If you’re looking for ways to amp up the fun factor around the office, try a few of these tips.

#1 Add Some Colour

Be bold and paint over a few of those beige walls - but be careful with going overboard, you don't want the office looking like a kid's playground. Keep the office looking professional by opting for one or two branding or complementary colours on a few walls. Another alternative is to keep the walls neutral and invest in large, colourful art that makes a statement when visitors arrive.

#2 Seating Arrangements

There’s nothing worse than everyone looking like they’re 'chained' to their desk. Variety adds a little spice to life, so go ahead and provide alternatives. Beanbags aren’t a good ergonomic option, and for workers over the age of 30, these aren't the most appealing. Sofas or lounge chairs allow staff to have conversations away from their desk while getting work done on their laptop.

Rather than sitting in the same position all day, mix things up by alternating between sitting and standing. Sit-stand desks are the best ergonomic option for workers. Encourage colleagues to join in a standing session to combat the after-lunch slump is also a great way to switch things up.

#3 Ergonomic Chairs

No one is having fun if they aren’t comfortable. You want an ergonomic chair that feels like you’re sitting on a cloud and every inch between your shoulders and knees is well supported. Ergonomic chairs are not only good for your posture but also ideal for office aesthetics. They come in a myriad of fashionable fabric colours and mesh designs. Check them out!

#4 Add Your Personality

A fun office space is created when employees add a little of themselves to their desks. It might be as simple as their footy team’s scarf, a photo of their dog, or a painting by their child. It’s the little trinkets that motivate conversations between colleagues and can make a worker feel more at home. Others might go the extra mile and bring part of their Lego collection, a vase of flowers from the garden each week, a fancy teapot, or a coffee grinder. The sky is the limit!

#5 Bring a Little Bit of Nature Indoors

Indoor plants are a modern touch to any office. They not only look great but are a natural air freshener. For a striking look, install a vertical garden wall. Office plants can also reduce anxiety, depression, and stress among workers.  

#6 Break Out Areas

Encourage staff to take a break from their desk for lunch with an area they'd want to use. Have comfortable seating that encourages conversation. Provide excellent lunch and coffee-making facilities, some games, books, or magazines. Every detail will be highly appreciated. 

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