How to Declutter Your Desk with These 5 Simple Tips


Man using a disinfectant wipe while organising his workspace after reading tips on how to declutter your desk.

Many would agree that they feel less stressed and can do their best work if their desk is neat and contains just the essentials. A good train of thought to follow for decluttering inspiration is ‘less mess equals less stress’. A neat workstation that is free of clutter could even help to boost creativity and productivity. So, what do you need to do in order to enjoy a clutter-free desk? Read on for our top tips to improve your workstation and your peace of mind.

#1 Go Wireless

Achieving a clutter-free desk is difficult if there are cords coiled all over it. Consider going cord-free if you’re still plugging in your mouse, headphones, keyboard or telephone handset. A cord-free desk is visually cleaner and easier to keep clean, but a desk with cables is still a normal part of work life. Instead, think about what equipment you prefer to be wireless and what you don’t mind being corded. As always when upgrading your technology make sure you choose quality ergonomic equipment.

Consider a Wireless Mouse

One of the most common devices you’re likely to find on a desktop is a mouse. If you’re thinking about swapping your wired mouse for one of the many wireless options on the market, make sure you take a look at ergonomic mice. Ergonomic mice offer a range of preventative benefits, including the prevention of carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Swap Your Phone Out for a Headset

While not all phone and computer headsets are cordless, they do eliminate the large cord on a telephone handpiece. Not only are you able to clear your desk of large cords with a headset, but you’re also able to relocate your office phone to free up space.

#2 Manage Your Cables

Not ready to give up cords just yet?  No problem - hide them. Putting the cords below your desk makes cleaning your desk so easy. Cords can trap a lot of dust, hair and dirt in hard to reach spots.

A cable management basket is a safe and efficient way to secure the power cords underneath your desk so they aren’t accidentally pulled out, it can help reduce trip hazards and keeps your desktop organised.

#3 Raise Your Monitor

If you’d like to tidy up the look of those reams of paper or books being used to raise your monitor, or you’re noticing that you’re slouching to view your monitors, it may be time to look at a monitor riser. Some of these even come with built-in cord management, which means you can combine tips two and three to really elevate your workstation organisation.

#4 Use a Tech Tray

If you want a clutter-free desk, or you’re in need of more desk space, consider a tech tray. Attached to the underside of the desktop, the tray is slid forward or retracted under the desk to hide away your devices. This one is pretty straightforward as it allows you to store the usual bits and pieces that take up valuable desk space and stores them out of sight.

#5 File or Store Your Paper

Not every office is paperless. Some of us are still being buried under hard copy. If you need supporting paperwork take a look at a document holder/writing slope. It not only keeps the papers contained but it supports a healthy inline ergonomic position from keyboard position right through to monitor height.

So, whether you’re wholeheartedly committing to decluttering your workstation (in the office or at home… or perhaps both), or you’re just looking for some simple decluttering inspiration to manage your messy desk, we’re sure some of these tips will help on your quest.

If you want to discuss what might work best for you, need some cost effective fixes or decluttering solutions for your space, or you'd like to learn more about how you can organise your desk more efficiently contact us online.