End of the Evoluent Cordless Keyboard


End of the Evoluent Cordless Keyboard.

Australia’s most popular ergonomic compact wireless keyboard, the Evoluent Compact Keyboard – wireless (cordless) version (SKU-11CECL) has stopped production and will be discontinued.

Ergolink still has a limited number of these in stock but once they run out no more will be available.

Please note that the Corded (wired) version (SKU 11CE) and the Reduced Reach (Left-handed) corded version (SKU 11N) will still be available. Ergolink will continue to stock and supply these items.

Alternative options for Clients requiring a wireless (2.4 GHz) compact keyboard are:


While the keyboard below is not compact, it offers a dual mode of RF 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Please be aware that most of the cordless keyboards on the market have Bluetooth connectivity and not USB 2.4GHz connectivity. The difference is that unless your computer has Bluetooth (all Apples and some PC’s), the keyboard will not connect. Most businesses in Australia use the PC platform and do not have Bluetooth connectivity.

If you are unsure, please refer to you I.T. Department or call Ergolink on 08 9240 7066 or sales@ergolink.com.au.