Elevate Your Study Desk - Student Desk and Chair Guide


university student has elevated her study desk for an ergonomic one

As parents, we might make the mistake of thinking our children don’t need to be worried about an ergonomic workspace like adults. We might have them sitting at the kitchen or dining table to do homework or study without considering the effects of unfit or incorrectly sized equipment. An appropriate desk and chair setup can significantly contribute to a child's health and short & long-term productivity.

Why Ergonomics Matter For Students

Understanding or being exposed to ergonomics early in life is likely to help set up healthy habits for what is in reality a lifetime of tech usage. For our younger generations using technology is part and parcel of modern living, and early into schooling, most children already have their devices for class and home, and before they reach adulthood are likely to have spent many, many hours looking at a device of some nature. 

With increases in screen time comes the increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries now and in later life. And while the effects of increased screen time have been speculated and a few identified, substantial effects are still relatively unknown because the generations growing up in front of a screen are very new.

If you think about your workspace & how productive, or not, you are depending on how comfortable you are, doesn't it stand to reason that studying children would feel the same?  After the challenge of actually getting a bottom on a seat, minimising distractions, or discomfort, shouldn't be on the list of complaints for effective study. Creating a space for comfort and concentration will help minimise the need to get up & just get another glass of water! 

Essential Features of a Student Chair

Fitting a young child to an ergonomic chair is not without challenges.  A true ergonomic chair will have multiple points of adjustment, & with a little forethought, you could future-proof a little. Obviously, back height adjustments are extremely helpful for growing torsos. The seat height adjustment & if fitted with a seat slide accommodates longer legs. The seat back should also tilt to suit activity changes, perhaps from being bent over pen or pencils as a younger student to transitioning to device usage where a more upright position is preferable. 

Maintenance and Care for the Chair

Like most things, a little maintenance and TLC can extend the life of an ergonomic office chair.  A quality made-to-order ergonomic chair will use high-quality fabrics that tolerate spot-cleaning to keep looking good.  If you are concerned about mess or marks from pens or snacks, choose a dark-coloured fabric, and wipe away dust and dirt on the chair's star base.  You'll be more than fine!

Features of a Student Desk at Home

If it's possible allocate a dedicated study space to organise and keep books, devices, and papers. This will help minimise distractions, those excuses for not having that favourite thing and creates a familiar space for productivity over time. 

A high school or university student often spends many hours sitting at a desk. Providing a desk converter or a standing desk can allow them to move between the sitting and standing positions. There may be some tasks that they prefer to do standing and others that are better seated, and having the opportunity to choose can help their productivity, concentration, and comfort levels.

If your student(s) would like to try a few ergonomic chairs, visit our Perth showroom or browse our wide range online. Don’t hesitate to contact us with queries.