Desk Setup Ideas to Improve Your Productivity


Two women in front of an ideal desk setup with an elevated monitor, good lighting and plants.

Organisations everywhere want to improve worker productivity. Using the same number of staff to ‘get more done’ offers one of the best returns on investment an organisation can make. An investment in workstation setup to improve output can pay dividends for an organisation for years to come.

There’s also benefits for individuals who can improve productivity. With many contractors paid on a project or job basis, the incentive is to deliver the job in a faster time to improve income. A good work from home setup can help. 

Employees on a salary may be able to negotiate a better pay rate in line with their improved productivity at review time. Better productivity can mean less stress so that tasks are completed on time and colleagues appreciate the speed at which they can work.  


Multiple Monitors

Anyone who has moved to using two or three screens will tell you they can never go back to one screen. Multiple monitors means no more flicking between tabs to collect the information you need before entering it on another screen. You’ll need a desk that’s big and sturdy enough to hold the monitors and all your other equipment. Make sure the screens are positioned together and at the same height to limit head and neck movements. 

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Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

If you sit at a desk all day, your chair is the most important part of your desk setup to improve productivity. A poor quality chair won’t be comfortable after a few hours of work, and you’ll likely be shifting in your seat trying to find the ideal position. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re not feeling as comfortable as you could be. 

A high quality ergonomic chair allows you to adjust the chair to provide adequate back and shoulder support. 

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Let the Light In

Natural and artificial light has a greater impact on your productivity than you might think. Even a slight glare on your screen can make it difficult to see and slow you down, not to mention the neck injury you may cause from craning to avoid the glare. If your office is dark and you struggle to read your notes, ergonomic task lighting can help. 

Working in harsh artificial light during the late afternoon can cause disruptions in your cicada pattern making it difficult to get a good night’s rest. Struggling to fall asleep at night may mean you don’t get enough hours of rest which impacts on your ability to work productively the next day. 

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Clean Air 

When you’re spending eight hours a day in a room, you want to be breathing clean air, but unfortunately, most indoor air is worse than the outdoor air quality. If you can, open up the window in the morning to let some fresh air in. Otherwise invest in an air purifier to filter the air around you. An air purifier will remove particles of pollen, dust, dander and smoke so you’re breathing clean filtered air.

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Air Temperature 

The air temperature is another variable we give little thought to but it impacts your work output at different times of the year. If your office is too warm or too cool, you feel uncomfortable which affects your ability to work efficiently. For sedentary office work, the ideal temperature range is 20˚C-26˚C

Placement of Desk Setup

It may seem so logical yet many workers don’t consider where they place often and least used items. It’s a good idea to look at where everything is on and around your desk then move items into a better place. If you almost never use the stapler these days, move it off your desk. If you need access to heavy files, try not to keep them on the shelf above your head. Consider moving them to somewhere more accessible. 

Introduce a Touch of Nature

Beautiful plants dotted around the office or home study not only look great, they bring a little bit of nature indoors. And being surrounded by plants has been found to be a stress reliever. Some plants even help with indoor air purification.  

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A Tidy Desk is a Tidy Mind

Storing items off your desk also helps with keeping your desk clean. If everything has a home, you’ll know where to quickly find it so you aren’t wasting time when you can least afford it. With fewer items on your desk, it’s quick and easy to wipe down the desk and monitor regularly to keep dust and potentially harmful viruses and bacteria at bay. Don’t forget to disinfect your high touch items like your keyboard, mouse pads and drawer handles. 

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Need Help Setting Your Desk Up for Improved Productivity? 

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