Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain


woman working at her desk looking in pain with hands on her lower back

If you’ve suffered from lower back pain, you’ll know the importance of a good office chair. Sitting places more stress on the spine than standing and when we sit for long periods the stress builds. Providing good lumbar support for the lower back is the best defence for back health. Find out what makes a good chair if you’re at risk of suffering from lower back pain.    

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain in Australia

There is no one or two perfect office chairs that guarantee you no or minimal back pain. There are so many variables in body shapes, previous injuries, and the way we work that we all need something slightly different. 

Find Something Fully Adjustable

An office chair isn’t ergonomic unless it’s fully adjustable to the user's needs. This means you should be able to adjust:

  • the chair’s height
  • the seat pan can go in and out
  • have removable armrests
  • be able to recline slightly
  • change the height of the headrest, if the chair has one.   

Chairs with the Support your Back Needs

Ergolink completes a stringent review of every ergonomic chair before stocking it. One of the most important parts of the check is to ensure the chair will provide long-lasting lumbar support. Without the right support, users are prone to lower back pain which can lead to mobility issues.  

Gregory ‘Project W’ Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re in need of a chair that’s specifically designed for women, look no further than the Gregory Project W. The chair’s curved back design supports the thoracic spine to reduce neck and back fatigue. Enhanced lumbar support in the S-shaped back can provide relief for lower back issues. Additionally, its adjustable seat tilt and back tilt offer flexible mobility. 

Airmesh High Mesh Back Office Chair

For those people who prefer mesh back chairs, the Airmesh has a 3-lever operating system with a height-adjustable back for increased spinal support.

Buro Roma High Back Ergonomic Chair

The Buro Roma has many seat and back positions to provide the ultimate seating experience. This is a soft but supportive chair that’s perfect for taller workers. The seat and back are made of moulded foam. 

KAB Controller

Some specialty ergonomic chairs are designed with the lower back in mind. The KAB Controller has inflatable air lumbar support and an option to turn on the free-floating setting with a variety of tensions to select from. Pump-up lumbar support helps make this chair suitable for 24-hour use in a control room, security room or emergency department.     

Chair Accessories

Even if a chair is fully adjustable, it may not be adequate for particular users. Feet should sit comfortably on the floor but for short people, this isn’t possible so they should use a footstool to take the pressure off the lower back. Some people need extra lumbar support even with the chair adjusted. Some people use a pillow but others prefer lumbar support in the shape of a roll or ergonomic cushions.  

Tips for Preventing Lower Back Pain

No one can just rely on a good office chair for reducing their risk of lower back pain. We have to be mindful of the causes and take action to prevent them. By following these tips, you’re more likely to stay free of or minimise back pain. 

Get Up and Move Around 

A poor posture is bad enough. Keeping that same position for long periods is even worse. Take the weight off your spine by getting up and moving around regularly throughout the day. 

Watch Your Posture

When we’re busy working, we’re not concentrating on how we’re sitting. Have a reminder to stop and adjust your posture throughout the day. Think about whether your back is rounded forward and if you’re sitting far enough back in your chair that your back is supported. 

Regular Exercise

If you engage in regular exercise, you’re more likely to keep the muscles that support your spine strong and healthy. You don’t need to wait until you get home from work to exercise. There are plenty of subtle stretching exercises you can do at your desk throughout the day. Stretching can improve muscle soreness and flexibility. See our articles on 7 Lower Back Stretches you can Do at Work and 5 Stretches for Good Posture for some ideas to get started.  

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