6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Video Conferencing System


Business meeting taking place with high quality video conferencing system

2020 has been a boom year for sales of video conferencing equipment. With travel to international customers and colleagues off the cards, businesses have turned to video conferencing equipment to keep them well-connected. And it’s not just connecting with people in far-off countries that we need video conferencing, more staff are working from home part or full-time, so it’s being used to keep in touch with local colleagues too.

6 Reasons for Buying a Video Conferencing System

Sure you can use free software on your laptops for virtual meetings, but if you want a high quality meeting experience, you need a video conferencing system.

#1 Eye Contact

Being able to see the people you’re talking to makes it far easier to engage with them than having the same conversation over the phone. Looking at and talking to people helps develop connections, especially if you’re trying to build a new relationship or support a client. The best video conferencing equipment allows you to see a room full of people clearly and establish a rapport whether you’re presenting or having an informal chat.  

#2 Ease of Use

A video conferencing system should be quick and easy to set-up and for everyone to use. Video conferencing hardware is light and slimline designed to be placed on tabletops in small or large meeting rooms and be moved from one place to the next. In no time, you can arrive at a room, set up the video conferencing equipment and be in the virtual meeting. When international borders open, you can travel with the same compact equipment so you’re always ready for the next video conference call.  

With video conferencing equipment, you aren’t relying on others to download yet another platform, you’re all using the same easy to use system. You want to make the set-up simple for everyone to use.    

#3 Stay Connected with Colleagues

While some workers thrive on the quiet of their home office, others miss the connection of being in the office. They miss seeing their colleagues face to face and having a conversation. Now video conferencing hardware allows for the next best thing. Having strong connections between staff is imperative for good working relations. A video conference can break down cultural and communication problems that can come with the written word.   

#4 More Buy-In

If management has an important announcement to employees or stakeholders, don’t send an all-staff email. Email doesn’t have the same cut-through as communicating the message via video conferencing hardware.

Most people process visual information more quickly and accurately than text or audio. Video conference equipment allows you to show rather than tell and increase retention rates. Use the technology to get attention and cut-through when you need it most.

#5 Save Time & Expense

People all over the world have realised they can cover the same content and achieve the same outcome whether you’re seeing each other over a video call or in the same room. Even when air travel has opened up and you can travel between offices and clients’ sites, you may reconsider your travel.

Whether you’re travelling to another suburb or continent, travelling time is wasted time. The only difference with a video conference is you didn’t spend any time sitting on a plane or in a car, you’ve been far more productive. And the video conferencing equipment paid for itself during the first meeting you didn’t need to travel for!

#6 Productive Meetings

Video conference calls are generally shorter than in-person meetings. Online meetings usually involve an invite to attendees with a clear start and end time. Whether an agenda is distributed to attendees or not, the person hosting the call will most likely have a list of items they want to discuss. Video conferences will usually get underway with less small talk at the start and stay on track so the meeting is far more productive.

Video Conferencing Equipment

There are a few things to consider when you’re investing in video conferencing hardware. Here are some of the most popular items and the features you need to think about when purchasing.

Web Cam 

Consider the clarity of picture, security features, microphone and the field of view you require


Ensure you choose one with controls for call answer/end, volume, mute, camera movement, echo and noise cancellation.


Consider the diameter range you require, frequency response and whether you need it to be omnidirectional.


Look for equipment that is certified or compatible to work with video conferencing, recording, and broadcasting applications such as Skype for Business, Zoom, Fuze and Google Google Meet, Cisco Jabber®, WebEX Compatible, BlueJeans, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, LifeSize Cloud and Vidyo.

Conference Kit

Rather than buying all the pieces separately, you have the option of buying a home video conference kit containing all the parts you need without much thought.

If you need help with finding the right video conferencing equipment for your organisation, visit the Ergolink showroom, call us on (08) 9240 7066 or contact an expert at ergolink.