6 Benefits of Using an Air Purifier in the Office


Air Purifier In Modern Open Plan Office For Fresh Air, Healthy Life, Cleaning And Removing Dust.

Many organisations work hard to provide a safe and healthy environment for their workers. Since the pandemic, indoor air quality is being scrutinised like never before. It’s more hazardous than the air outdoors in many ways. 

You may have heard indoor air being more hazardous, but filtering the air can improve the quality by removing some of the tiny harmful particles floating around the workplace.

Benefits of an Office Air Purifier

#1 Reduce Risk of Airborne Diseases 

Research has shown that a high quality air purifier with a HEPA filter can reduce the incidence of disease and virus particles in the air. Many office workers prefer to work from home, isolated from colleagues, to stay safe from COVID-19. While an air filter won’t eliminate the risk of returning to the office and coming into contact with dozens of co-workers, it can reduce the risks. 

Regardless, workers are still recommended to practise social distancing and high-touch surface cleaning, but knowing the air at work is less likely to contain the virus is welcomed by many.

#2 Remove Allergens 

Allergies can significantly reduce quality of life for some people. Tiny microns of pollen and seeds irritate the airways of sufferers leaving them with a blocked or runny nose and itchy watery eyes. Spring is usually the worst time for hay fever but some people suffer from it all year round. Keeping doors and windows closed on high pollen count days can reduce the number of pollutants in the air, and more reliable, HEPA filters in air purifiers can take the tiniest pollutants out of the air. 

#3 Take Chemicals out of the Air   

Office buildings that are situated in built up or high traffic areas can have high levels of chemicals and VOCs in the air. Vehicle emissions and air pollution can enter the office space through doors, windows and air conditioning. Traffic pollution has been found to lead to cardiovascular disease and premature death.

Newly built or refurbished offices with freshly laid carpets, painted walls and new desks and chairs can all release harmful VOCs. Luckily, using an air purifier can reduce the odour of glues and paints, and release clean air back into the room.     

#4 Help Asthma Sufferers

Some people experience asthma when they’re in dusty environments. Workers may complain that the problem only exists when they’re at work. Using an air purifier means visible and microscopic dust particles are removed from the air. Regular surface cleaning and vacuuming is recommended to remove dust on surfaces that can become airborne.               

#5 Reduced Absenteeism & Presenteeism

Many work days each year are lost to workers calling in sick with asthma, allergies and other related illnesses. If an air purifier can cut down even a fraction of a day of sick leave for each employee each year, the air purifier will quickly pay for itself. When office staff blow their nose and suffer from tiredness or watery eyes, they probably won’t be as productive as when they’re feeling comfortable and healthy.  

#6 Caring for Staff

It’s important that workers feel that their employer cares about their health and wellbeing. Recognising that a worker has asthma or allergies and purchasing an air filter can make a big difference in how an employee views their employer. When employees feel cared for, they’re more likely to stay and recommend the organisation for a longer time as a great working place.

Right Sized Air Purifier

An air purifier can only be effective if it’s the right size for the room that’s being cleaned. When purchasing an air purifier pay close attention to the room size it’s suited to. Buying an air purifier with a larger capacity than the room size allows the full volume of air to circulate through the purifier faster. Two smaller purifiers in a large room can be as effective as one large unit. 

Individual Air Purifiers

Employees that are concerned about the quality of air in the office air don’t need to wait for their employer to invest in an air purifier. One may decide to take a small, personal air purifier into the office to put on their desk and will be beneficial. 

An air purifier can’t fix every airborne ailment but it can make a difference. Poor indoor air quality can cause eye irritation and headaches to fatigue and respiratory issues. Improving the quality of air for office workers can reduce or eliminate the symptoms. 

As mentioned, the right size and amount of air purifiers needed will depend on the size of your office space. Get in touch by calling (08) 0240 7066 or contact us online to discuss your specific air purification needs. We’ll be happy to help you!