6 Benefits of a Laptop Stand You Never Knew About


young man suffering from neck pain due to the lack of a laptop stand while working

Laptops have made it easier for office workers to work from virtually anywhere. While a laptop allows you to break free of the office and a desktop PC, it does come with additional risks. 

The laptop stand helps combat the most concerning risk - ‘tech neck’ and HOLS (hunched-over laptop syndrome). Working off a laptop based on a desktop most often requires you to look down at the screen. The weight of your head hanging forward puts the neck and spine under strain. A well-positioned laptop stand will help address tech neck and offers a few other bonus benefits you may not have considered. 

#1 Better Posture

A laptop stand can instantly improve your posture. By increasing the height of your laptop and using an external keyboard, you can replace your stooped-over posture to sit up straight, pull your shoulders back & optimise your head & eye position.  An adjustable laptop stand allows changing the height and angle to find your perfect fit.  

#2 Increased Productivity

Discomfort.  It’s hard to work and concentrate when you are uncomfortable. When your body is in a healthy position and you feel comfortable, your productivity naturally increases. You will be more alert and ready to work.  

#3 Reduced Eye Strain

In an unhealthy position while working on a laptop you may have a tendency to sit far closer than the recommended arm’s length. This can cause intense eye strain, then combined with limited adjustment of the laptop screen, you’re more likely to experience glare.  With the flexibility of a laptop stand create an optimal setup by changing the height, angle, and distance. The Ergo-Q220 Laptop Raiser has five different angle options to choose from which can help with eye strain. Preventing eye strain can increase productivity and comfort.

#4 Cooler Laptop

If you’ve ever heard the fan on your laptop start spinning fast, that's a pretty safe indicator it’s working overtime to keep cool and prevent a shutdown. The laptop ventilators are at the bottom of the device, which is why it is not advisable to place a laptop on a soft surface. It functions best on a hard, flat surface. A laptop stand allows air to circulate around the device much better than when it is sitting flat on a table. Look for a stand that has a hollowed-out design to help reduce the risk of overheating.  

#5 Protect your Laptop From Spills

Fluids & laptops have never been great friends. Unless you’ve invested in a rugged laptop that can withstand spills using a laptop stand means your laptop is hovering over the desk and is at less risk of liquid damage & downtime.  Backing up your laptop regularly can set you up for success and less worry in case of an accident.

# 6 Portability

Just because you work from multiple locations it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a laptop stand. Stands come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While some laptop stands are designed for a single location, many are lightweight, foldable & portable.  The Cicada Laptop Raise is one that can fit in your back pocket when folded down... It works similarly to a tripod so you can alter the viewing experience by changing the length of the legs.  

To create a completely portable set-up, choose a small, slim, lightweight keyboard to go with your laptop stand. You won’t even notice the weight of one of these keyboards in your bag. With a height of just 6 mm -11 mm, a width of 285 mm, and 120 mm depth, the Ergoapt Ergonomic Compact Keyboard will slide into your bag and snug against your laptop.  

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