17 Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Christmas in 2021


Office workers enjoying their Christmas party and exchanging Secret Santa gifts.

If buying a Secret Santa gift for someone at the office is one of your most dreaded chores for the year, you’re not alone. Buying Christmas gifts for family and friends is hard enough, but if it’s a colleague you hardly know on a personal level, it’s tricky. Luckily, you only need to buy one per year!

Find the perfect gift with our 17 office Secret Santa gift ideas that will help you buy a present that looks like you put some thought into it. 

Something Personal

This type of gift is more difficult to buy if you don’t know the recipient well, but a personal gift can be worth the extra effort in finding out a little bit more about a person.

#1 Travel Items

For someone who is planning on taking an overseas trip next year, buy them a personalised luggage tag or a tourist book on their chosen destination.

#2 Colouring Book

If you know your colleague well and you think they would be happy spending some of the summer holidays with coloured pencils in hand, pick up an adult colouring book - some are even comprised of stress-relieving patterns, which could help break up the working day for a co-worker that may be feeling the stress.

#3 Coffee Beans

For the serious coffee drinker, buy them some beans that aren’t your run-of-the-mill. There are flavoured beans available that have been infused with all kinds of flavours - from rum and merlot to Swiss chocolate and French vanilla. They’re sure to keep the morning cuppa interesting.

Something for the Desk

Your co-worker spends enough time at work, just like you, so why not give a gift they can keep and use while they’re there.

#4 Desk Plant

If you think your colleague is a bit of a green thumb, how about a plant for their desk? There are some plants you can buy that are almost indestructible so you don’t need to worry about the colour of their thumb. If you’re worried that the plant won’t survive the Christmas break, buy a beautiful pot plant holder they can use at home or work.

If your co-worker already has a plant on their desk, save them the trouble of taking it home while they’re out of the office and get them a water buddy. They come in all shapes and sizes from a glass reservoir to a stake that holds a recycled bottle of water.

#5 Document Holder

Document holders are the perfect gift for those in your office who need to switch between paper documents and their screens often throughout their work day. This is not only a great way to make an office setup more ergonomic, but also more organised. Your co-worker will be grateful for a document holder, as it can help reduce the risks associated with a poor ergonomic setup, including neck twisting.

#6 Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

If you’re looking for a gift that you know is going to be used and appreciated, a wrist rest mouse pad won’t let you down. These can very quickly become part of a co-worker’s set up, as it will ensure their wrist feels supported while sitting at their computer all day.

#7 Ergonomic Supports

Ergonomic supports are the gift that keeps on giving long after the Christmas tree has been packed away. Wrist rests are great ergonomic supports for someone who spends their work day in front of a computer, as they will help make for a more comfortable day.

#8 Washable Keyboard

For those workers who have been known to spill their morning coffee over the keyboard, consider getting them a spare keyboard. If you’re the boss and want to buy your staff member a gift that lasts, invest in a washable keyboard.  


After a tough two years, we all understand the importance of self-care. 

#9 Essential Oils or a Candle

Everyone loves a beautiful smelling home. If you know your co-worker has an oil diffuser or uses candles at home, buy them some beautiful scents that they can splash around the house. 

#10 Bath Salts

If you know your friend at work enjoys a soak after a long day at work, buy some rejuvenating bath salts.

#11 Moisturiser

A deliciously fragrant hand cream or moisturiser is sure to be much appreciated.

#12 Voucher for Family Fun

If your colleague has a family, buy them a voucher for an experience they can enjoy with the kids. Botanical golf, movies or bowling will fill in some time with the kids while they’re on school holidays.

Something For a Laugh

If your office doesn’t take Secret Santa too seriously and the rule is to buy humorous gifts, try some of these ideas on for size.

#13 Socks

There are all kinds of funny socks you can buy. You can even have a pair made with personalised text or a photo printed on them.

#14 Ice Moulds

Your colleague can enjoy this gift all summer long as they drop an unusual-shaped ice cube in their drink.

#15 Favourite Team Merchandise

If you know that your colleague is a die-hard sports fan, buy them some merchandise or a ladder to keep track of the season.

#16 Wine Glass

For those who like a tipple, there are plastic wine glasses that light up or play a tune. Alternatively, you could choose some quirky drink markers around that help guests keep track of their drink.

#17 Tea Infuser

For those who drink more than their share of tea in the office, look for a fun and funky tea infuser.

Finding inspiration for Secret Santa gift ideas and going shopping for them can seem like an annual chore. However, if you don’t leave it to the last minute and put some thought in, it can be fun. Even better - team up with a friend from work and go out shopping together one lunch time to buy your gifts.