10 Creative Christmas Gifts Your Colleagues Will Actually Use


Two colleagues exchanging secret santa gifts from Ergolink

The office decorations are up and the tree is dazzled in tinsel. Now all it needs are some gifts to complete the picture. Let’s face it, buying gifts for colleagues is never easy. Whether you know them well or not, it’s still a difficult task.  But we’ve taken some of the strain out of it this year and done the heavy lifting for you. We made a list and checked it twice.

Gifts Under $20 

The best Secret Santa gifts are a bit personal and fun. 

#1 Personalised Coffee Mug

If you are organising the gift with more than a day to spare, you can go all out and personalise a coffee mug. Borrow the pic of their kids off the desk and print it on the mug or choose a photo of their favourite overseas holiday destination they can’t visit. Even a pic of their mug on the mug will ensure no one swipes it. You could even choose some words that suit their personality to a T(ea).

Some of the favourite office mug sayings include:

“Of Course I Don’t Look Busy, I Did it Right the First Time”

“The Daily Grind”

“My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open”

“There are Two Types of People in the World 1. Inbox 0 2. Inbox 12,378”

“I Think You’re on Mute”

“Despite the Look on My Face You’re Still Talking”

#2 Mouse Pad

If your colleague isn’t much of a coffee drinker and you’re keen on a giving then a printed gift, how about a personalised mouse pad? Print it with a photo or text and they’ll think their gift is extra special.  

Another option is an ergonomic mouse pad. Ergonomic mouse pads offer soft, padded wrist support and will be a gift they’ll actually use. It can even make their work day more comfortable.  

#3 Bottle of Wine

Everyone needs a spare bottle of wine in the fridge at this time of year. If it’s a Secret Santa gift, do your research to find out their favourite tipple. And if it’s the company buying a bottle for each staff member, personalise it with a corporate label and thank you message.

#4 Mobile Phone Holder

Some staff leave their mobile phone in their bag, the desk drawer or thrown on the desk. With a mobile phone desk holder, they can leave their phone in a spot that’s easily accessible and can be seen even if it can’t be heard. You can find all sorts of quirky designs and even personalise them with the company logo.

#5 Power Bank

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, you forgot to charge your mobile (or you just used it way too much) and now you’re worried you won’t make it home without the phone dying on you. Worse still, your dead phone holds your digital credit and public transport cards. A power bank means your colleague never needs to worry again, they can charge up while on the go.

Under $100

#6 Food (or Drinks) Gift Card

For many families the Christmas period is ridiculously busy with present shopping, food prep and packing for holidays. Preparing the nightly meal can seem all too hard some days. Give them a gift card that allows them to have a take away meal on you. Or if your colleagues have kids to feed, a supermarket gift card can help with the ham and pudding purchases. If you think they’d prefer a liquid diet, buy a voucher they can use at a liquor store.  

Under $150

#7 Headset or Noise Cancelling Headphones

You might need to get your staff member something personal too, but tools of the trade are welcome gifts if it makes their work life easier and more comfortable. And if you ask us, there’s nothing more thoughtful or useful than something ergonomic!

For the staff member that’s still using a desk phone, they could do with an upgrade before they injure themselves trying to talk and type. A headset offers a natural listening experience with a noise-cancelling microphone to filter out the ambient noise.

For those that don’t spend time on the phone, a set of good quality noise cancelling headphones would be a very welcome gift particularly if their colleagues like a chat.

#8 Christmas Hamper

A hamper filled with treats for your employee and their family not only looks impressive, it comes in handy during the entertaining season. For extra points, you could personalise each hamper with a gift to suit each family member.  

Over $500

No one can deny it’s been a trying year. Show your appreciation for their hard work with something big.

#9 Standing Desk  

Let staff ring in the new year in comfort and style. A desk converter allows them to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day for the greatest health benefit in a sedentary job.

#10 Extra Holiday Leave

Let’s face it, what every employee really wants is to spend less time at work. If you’re a generous boss or you just can’t think of a suitable present, give them the gift of staying home and doing nothing. Tell them to spend a couple of extra days with their families not thinking about work (except maybe how great their boss is). Who knows, an extra two days spent with their kids on school holidays should see them busting to get back to work in the new year.

If you need help with finding the right ergonomic gift before the Christmas break, visit the Ergolink showroom, call us on (08) 9240 7066 or contact an expert at ergolink

Merry Christmas!