Wrist Rest Mouse Pad by Maisey-Browne

  • Wrist Rest Mouse Pad by Maisey-Browne 60WRMP-MB

    Support your wrist in a comfortable ergonomic position while using your mouse. Ergonomically shaped, gel filled cushion with a durable Lycra covering.

    Wrist Rest Mouse Pad by Maisey-Browne

    Support your wrist while using your computer mouse. Ergonomically shaped to reduce the pressure on the underside of your wrist ad to support your hand comfortably while mousing. The Lycra cover does not get sweaty and the non slip base prevents the mat from moving when being used. 

    The gel  cushion provides he ideal level of support. 


    • Mouse pad with wrist rest in one
    • Ergonomically shaped gel cushion 
    • Non-skid rubber backing for sure grip to the desk


    Cover Lycra
    material Gel
    Size 215 mm wide x 235 mm deep
    Height 25 mm


    • Blue only
    $22.00 (inc GST)