WR3 Keyboard Wrist Rest

  • WR3 Keyboard Wrist Rest 61WR3

    The WR3 Keyboard Wrist Rest is designed with a small curve so extra comfort is provided to the user when typing.

    WR3 Keyboard Wrist Rest

    Working at a keyboard for long hours at a time often leaves our wrists feeling strained.

    Normal keyboard use causes our hands to rest in an unnatural position and can cause pain from resting our wrists on the corner of the desk.

    A wrist rest is an affordable ergonomic device that can greatly improve your comfort during computer use.

    The Gel Pad will leave you feeling refreshed and help you work more productive throughout the day.



    • Gel-filled
    • Provides full ergonomic wrist support
    • Covered with non-abrasive Lycra



    $35.97 (inc GST)