WiT e-Reading Screenbar LED Desk Lamp by BenQ

  • WiT e-Reading Screenbar LED Desk Lamp by BenQ DLBQSCB

    The WiT Screenbar LED desk Lamp is the smartest ergonomic light on the market. Sitting neatly on top of your monitor it prevents screen glare by projecting its non flicker, non blue light down and forward over your workspace. Clutter free and USB powered the Screenbar is self adjusting for the perfect lighting solution in your workplace.

    WiT e-Reading  Screenbar LED Desk Lamp by BenQ

    Improve your comfort and performance with the perfect desk lighting solution.  The WiT e-Reading  Screenbar LED Desk Lamp by BenQ mounts easily onto the top of your monitor without the need for tape or screws and cast the perfect direction of light without causing glare on your screen. With 10° of angle adjustment the perfect cast of light can be achieved. 

    No need to guess the correct light setting anymore! The ScreenBar e-Reading lamp is equipped with a sensor that promptly detects the surrounding brightness and then supplements it with just the right light. Under normal circumstances, auto dimming mode will illuminate to 500 lux. While in a dimly lit room (under 50lux), the lamp automatically adjusts illumination to 300lux, thereby eliminating the discomfort caused by a strong contrasts of light.

    USB powered and without a base the Screenbar keeps your desk free and uncluttered.

    With all the latest features including, adjustable colour temperature, non-flickering, and no blue light hazard the ScreenBar has the lot!


    • Ergonomic design
    • Aluminium alloy bar
    • USB powered
    • Non flickering
    • No blue light hazard
    • Up to 500 Lux
    • Self adjusting
    • No glare off the monitor
    • Monitor mounted


    Bar construction Anodized aluminium alloy
    Mounting position On top of monitor
    Power connection USB
    Auto adjustments Yes
    Manual Adjustments
    • Hue
    • Dimmer
    • Auto dimmer on/off
    • power on/off
    Max light 500 lux
    Light adjustment Wam light (2700K) to Cool light (6500K)
    Bar adjustment 10°
    Approx light pattern 740 mm wide x 350 mm deep
    Non flicker Yes
    Blue light hazard none


    • Black


    1 Year

    $275.00 (inc GST)