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The ViOffice Workstation Practitioner Program (ViOWP) is designed to help team leaders, occupational health advisors, health practitioners, procurement specialists, designers, or office furnishing suppliers or dealers, for example, to develop foundation‐level skillset in assessment and advising for custom workstation comfort and “fit”.

The program will help practitioners assess the needs of a worker and make recommendations for workstation adjustment, furnishings and equipment, lay‐out, and basic environmental health needs. Practitioners will learn how to establish criteria for referral for specialised providers also but be able to solve many daily challenges and design for productivity and health at a foundation level. Participants will engage in online interactive and face‐to‐face interactive and practical training delivery to help them become recognised and technically certified as a ViOffice Workstation Practitioner (C‐OWP).

The Objectives

  • To provide foundation level office workstation practitioner training through an efficient and effective delivery model
  • To ensure quality, current, evidence based training delivery and competence development among foundation level practitioners

The Strategies

  • Face‐to‐face, interactive, and practical training delivery to team members aspiring to become recognised technically certified as ViOffice Workplace Practitioners – Foundation Level 1 (C‐OWP)
  • On‐line, mixed‐media and resource provision and training pre‐ and post‐training.

The Take-Aways

  • Practitioners will obtain a new skillset to assess and advise individuals for foundation‐level workstation “fit”
  • Practitioners will have resource material for their ongoing reference when justifying their recommendations
  • Practitioners can review online material pre‐ and post‐ face‐to‐face delivery for up to 4 months
  • Discussion forums will enable practitioners to learn from one another and from the training facilitators
  • Practitioners will have access to an interactive animated case study to help test their practical knowledge
  • Practitioners will have access to a paper‐based assessment tool for basic screening, assessment, and advising
  • Practitioners can use the credential of C‐OWP post successful completion of all assessment material and face‐to‐face delivery attendance

The Training Module Content

The training modules will include the following topics:

  •  Module 1: Good Work design 
    • Good work design – design of work that is conditioning (physically, socially, cognitively and emerging accrediting bodies promoting work design and health 
    • Integration of health protection and promotion
  • Module 2: Health Protection in the Office
    •  Health protection: hazards and the interaction of risk factors that contribute to acute or cumulative musculoskeletal disorders and specific risks associated with office workstation use
    •  Physical ergonomics at the workstation: an overview of anatomy, physiology, and biological health as it pertains to the office worker; muscle analysis charts and metabolic health considerations while working at a traditional office workstation; common injuries that may arise from office workstation interaction
    • Sedentary work and the associated risks and design opportunities
  • Module 3: Assessment and Intervention Strategies
    • The assessment, communication, measurement, and referral process (to and from assessment)
    • How to conduct a basic assessment for an office workstation user: 5 key areas and where to start
    • Workstation intervention strategies: practical approaches, common adjustments, and equipment solutions
    • At‐the‐desk or at‐home mobilisation and conditioning routines: microbreaks, postural reversal, sit:stand:walk ratios, and therapeutic exercise
    • Basic introduction to environment health considerations in the office environment: lighting and acoustics and methods to address diverse needs
  • Module 4:Health Promotion in the Office
    • Work design and considerations for the office environment: when to review for pre‐occupancy or individual support needs
    • Health and Wellbeing Strategies: how office workstation ergonomics fits these models: e.g. design for diversity and agility and design for health or productivity
    • ISO Standards, guidelines, legislation, and community practice

The face‐to‐face delivery will focus on the interactive, practical aspects of workstation assessment and set‐up and environmental health considerations, but all theoretical concepts may be touched upon during direct delivery. Mixed media resources with online, short training materials will supplement all learning and expand knowledge about the topics listed above. A resource guideline will be shared to help provide up‐to‐date reference and standards from which to cite when making recommendations in reports.


Friday 25th October 2019


8.30 am Registration 

8.45 am to 5.00 pm


Perth Stirling Business Centre

45 Delawney Street


Perth, WA 6021


$985 Inc. GST per person

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