Venus LED Desk Lamp

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    Get the right light conditions on your desktop, when and where you want it, with the smart and functional Venus LED Desk Lamp. All the features at an amazing price.

    Venus LED Desk Lamp

    Blending ergonomic design with functional technology, the Venus LED Desk Lamp provides up to 50,000 hours of LED life – which equates to over 25 years of typical home office use. Flexible and easy to use, the Venus LED Desk Lamp provides precise desktop illumination. Venus rotates and tilts on two different axes, has a solid and stable neoprene lined base, and a 10 stage light dimmer, allowing illumination adjustment from 10% to 100%, to get your desktop light conditions just right.

    The Venus LED Desk Lamp is intuitive to use, allowing users to change the position of the light quickly and easily. The lamp can be folded up when not in use, to free up workspace. Single shadow LED technology relieves eye fatigue and discomfort.


    • 10 stage dimmer
    • finger slide adjustment
    • long life
    • two point adjustment
    • low power consumption
    • Non slip neoprene base
    • Excellent vertical adjustment  (130 mm)


    Venus LED Desk Lamp Brochure


    • standard 240 v
    Cable Lengtht
    • 1500 mm
    Base Rotation
    • 90°
    Vertical Adjustment
    • 130 mm
    Dimmable LED
    • Finger slide 
    Dimmable levels
    • 10
    • Down to 10%
    Power Consumption
    • 8W

    Average illumination

    • 700 lux @ 400 mm
    LED Lifetime
    • 50,000 Hours
    Product Weight
    • 0.9 kg
    LED Output
    • 530 lumens
    Base Diameter
    • 280 mm
    • Plastic


    • White


    • 1 Year
    $55.00 (inc GST)