Vari-stand Document Holder / Laptop Raiser

  • Vari-stand Document Holder / Laptop Raiser 62VS

    Strong and easily adjustable, the Vari-stand effortlessly transforms your desk into an efficient and ergonomic set up. Whether using paper, files, a tablet or a laptop, the Vari-stand supports them all.

    Vari-Stand Document Holder / Laptop Stand

    The Vari-Stand is the most versatile document holder / laptop Stand on the market today.

    From the people behind the famous Z-Rest Footrest, the Vari-Stand provides unequal adjustment and stability. Both the angle and the height can be adjusted quickly and simply in order to provide the best position of your paperwork or laptop.

    Made from sturdy all metal construction, the Vari-Stand will be a stylish and welcome addition to any desk.


    Vari-Stand Specs & Instructions


    Pallet Size

    400 mm wide x 300 mm deep

    Platform Height 50 mm to 165 mm
    Weight 3.5 kg
    Weight Capacity 6 kg


    12 Months

    $142.00 (inc GST)

    Options / Add-ons