Vari-stand Document Holder / Laptop Raiser

  • Vari-stand Document Holder / Laptop Raiser 62VS

    The Vari-stand Document Holder/Laptop Raiser is a durable stand that can turn your desk into a comfortable ergonomic setting.


    The Vari-stand is great for writing on documents, using your laptop, or even a tablet.


    Vari-Stand Document Holder / Laptop Stand

    An adaptable stand that is built from strong metals, The Vari-Stand Document Holder/Laptop Raiser is the perfect addition to the home or office that can provide comfort in an often static environment.


    With adjustable angles and height, let the Vari-stand help you out and make your work day more enjoyable.


    The small, stylish design has an impressive weight capacity of 6 kilograms that can easily hold almost any laptop.



    Vari-Stand Specs & Instructions


    Pallet Size

    400 mm wide x 300 mm deep

    Platform Height 50 mm to 165 mm
    Weight 3.5 kg
    Weight Capacity 6 kg


    12 Months

    $155.00 (inc GST)

    Options / Add-ons