Ultraboard 940 Compact Keyboard

  • Ultraboard 940 Compact Keyboard 11UB940

    Bakker Elkhuizen introduces the UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard. A unique ergonomic keyboard that can be used wirelessly as well as via a USB cable.

    Up to 5 wireless Bluetooth computers or mobile devices can be connected at the touch of a button, and switching between them is effortless.

    Ultraboard 940 Compact Keyboard

    A classic, stylish design combined with quality Bakker Elkhuizen are known for, including dark letter on a bright background for clear visibility.

    The Ultraboard 940 is specifically designed for users of multiple devices. Switch effortlessly between 5 devices (computer, tablet, phone...) with the push of a button.

    Able to be used with a USB cable or via Bluetooth connection - you choose.

    Even though it is a compact keyboard the extra wide spacebar allows for optimal positioning of the arrow keys.


    Bakker Elkhuizen Ultraboard 940 Data Sheet


    Connectivity USB Cable or Bluetooth
    Multi-Pairing Up to 5 devices
    USB Ports 2
    Size 285 mm wide x 147 mm deep
    Height  19 mm
    Compatibility Both Mac and Windows OS
    Weight 430 gm


    Silver/Grey with white keys


    12 Months

    $167.00 (inc GST)