Titan Adjustable Laptop Stand

  • Titan Adjustable Laptop Stand 116TITAN

    If you are looking for style, strength and functionality then the Titan Adjustable Laptop Stand is the best there is.

    Able to carry up to 5kg and fully adjustable in height and angle the Titan can hold laptops  and tablets up to 17" in size and blend in beautifully with your office decor.


    Titan Adjustable Laptop Stand

    The perfect solution to rise your laptop to the correct ergonomic height. 

    Built from quality brushed aluminium, the Titan is both sturdy and strong. The base plate with rubber feet provides a stable footprint and the design allows it to carry weights of up to 5 kg or laptops up to 17" in size.

    The adjustable main arm rotates up to 90º for a height range of 42 mm to 202 mm. The top plate can also be angled to give your laptop the perfect viewing position.



    Top Plate Size
    •  295 mm wide x 217.5 mm deep
    • 235 mm wide x 195 mm deep
    Height Range
    • 42 mm to 202 mm
    Main Arm Angle Adjustment
    • 90º
    Top Plate Angle Adjustment
    • 90º
    Non Slip Protection
    • Silica gel
    Weight Capacity
    • 5 kg
    Max Laptop Size 
    • 17"
    • Brushed aluminium


    • Silver



    • 12 Months
    $160.00 (inc GST)