Therapod Standard Back Support Insert

  • Therapod Standard Back Support Insert BST1

    The Therapod™ Standard Back Support Insert is portable and lightweight enough to use anywhere. The Smaller of the two Therapod Insert options

    Its versatility extends from driving or travelling to work at the office, relaxing in a lounge chair… or in any seat that does not provide enough comfort or support

    Therapod Standard Back Support Insert

    The smaller of the two Therapod insert options. Its unique design makes it suitable for all types of automobile seats and office chairs.

    It fits both bucket and bench seats, and customises the seat to your individual comfort.

    The elastic straps provide excellent comfort and effectively relieves the jolts and jarring motions of travelling.


    • Adjustable back support system (straps)
    • Standard back


    Size  450 mm wide x 570 mm tall
    Number of Adjustment Straps 4
    GST Free Yes




    1 Year

    $178.95 (inc GST)