Therapod Standard Back Support Insert

  • Therapod Standard Back Support Insert BST1

    The Therapod back support is a lightweight and portable insert that will bring you ergonomic support and comfort to your work day.

    This can be used in an office chair or a car seat, or any other chair that is causing you discomfort.

    Limited stock available.

    Therapod Standard Back Support Insert

    The Therapod standard back support has been designed to fit almost any chair that causes discomfort.

    The chair can be fitted to work with a bucket and bench seats.

    This is an affordable ergonomic support that can greatly improve your comfort and help to reduce any pains that have been caused by seats with poor ergonomic support.

    Limited stock available.


    • Adjustable back support system (straps)
    • Standard back



    Size  450 mm wide x 570 mm tall
    Number of Adjustment Straps 4
    GST Free Yes




    1 Year

    $178.95 (inc GST)