Therapod CPOD

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    The CPOD is easily one of our most comfortable chairs. The CPOD's high quality mesh back conforms to the contours of your spine by way of five easily adjustable horizontal bands.

    Therapod CPOD

    The CPOD uses knitted elastomer (elastic) mesh to hybrid with its patented back adjustment system to provide self-adjusting resistance resulting in optimal comfort and support unlike any other chair.

    Designed and engineered to allow the appropriate amount of flex without sacrificing support.

    Intelligent detailing of the frame shape and profile, along with rigorous material testing and selection has created a truly 3 dimensional dynamic movement system.

    The interchangeable grommet system has 3 semi-rigid pivot points between the chair frame and the chair spine; this allows for additional flex and ‘give’ in the chair back when a user twists or reaches. CPOD has a back system that has been set scientifically to a level of ideal spinal support.

    As the user moves in the chair or changes position, resistance through the hybrid system comprising of the elastomer mesh and the patented back-adjustment system changes to provide increased or decreased support. This eliminates the need for constant back support adjustments.

    The CPOD now comes standard with a headrest and also features a large contoured Q-Tech seat as standard along with a high quality synchro mechanism.


    • Ability to personalize support, to specific zones including upper thoracic, thoracic, lumbar, lumbar sacral and sacral areas.
    • 15 adjustments per tension zone. (Over 759,000 positions)
    • Adjustment tensions identified by visual numbers, audible feedback and Braille zones.
    • Dynamic, semi-flexible frame construction with 3 point adjustable grommets.
    • Retrofit / removable head rest
    • Patented knitted elastomer mesh system
    • Competitive Advantage! Whilst there is a proliferation of mesh chairs in the market, CPod has the advantage of a unique sustainable competitive advantage:
    • CPod combines the flexibility and style of a breathable mesh back with the ultimate in ergonomic comfort – self adjustable, personalized back-straps


    Seat Size Gel-Teq Large 520 wide x 470 mm deep
    Seat Height 490 to 560 mm
    Headrest Adjustable
    Headrest Size 300 wide x 140 mm high
    Back Size 480 wide x 700 mm high
    Weight Rating  130 kg




    10 Years standard use

    5 Years 24/7 use

    From $1,401.00 (inc GST)

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