Therapod Contemporary Standard Back

  • Therapod Contemporary Standard Back THCOSB

    The Therapod Contemporary Standard Back chair is designed to recline which in turn reduces pressure on the spine. The uniquely adjustable back shape of the Therapod Contemporary offers a custom-fit like no other chair.

    Therapod Contemporary Standard Back

    The most popular of our Therapod™ office chairs, the Contemporary Therapod™ is specifically designed to be durable and capable of heavy-duty usage.

    Rated for 24/7 environments, the Contemporary can be optioned to handle a user-weight of up to 130 kg. Optional mechanisms for lightweight users are available.

    As the chair can be specifically set-up to suit the back shape of each individual user, it is ideal for sufferers of pre-existing back-pain.

    A range of sizes and options ensures that Therapod™ can be personalized to meet the needs of each user.


    • 3-Lever Full-ergo mechanism
    • Therapod Posture Support system
    • Contoured back and seat
    • Standard back
    • Height adjustable arms optional


    Seat Size: Bodyform V-Teq (standard) 525 wide x 480 mm deep
    Seat Size: Deep Wide (option) 560 wide x 520 mm deep
    Seat Size: Deep Wide V-Teq (option) 560 wide x 520 mm deep
    Seat Size:Gel-Teq Large (option) 520 wide x 470 mm deep
    Seat Size: Gel-Teq Extra Large (option) 570 wide x 500 mm deep
    Base 6 Star nylon
    Back Size 520   wide x 630 mm high
    Mechanism type 3-Lever
    Weight Rating 130 kg


    • Black
    • Other colours available on inquiry (price may vary)


    • 24/7 Use - 3 Years
    • Std Use - 5 Years
    From $1,069.00 (inc GST)

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