Therapod 24/7 Contemporary

  • Therapod 24/7 Contemporary TH24CO

    The 24/7 Contemporary is part of the Therapod core range.

    The chair has been designed for stability and endurance, to be used in the most demanding work conditions.

    Therapod 24/7 Contemporary

    The 24/7 Contemporary includes a manual control for heavy duty operation and has a weight capacity of 160 kg.

    The chair is built using heavy-duty density seat foam that improves comfort during extended periods of sitting.

    The 24/7 Contemporary uses a single click ratchet system to adjust the height. The chair is also equipped with heavy duty adjustable arm loops.

    Your quality is assured with a 5-year warranty provided.


    • Heavy duty dual density seat
    • Therapod posture support system
    • Single click ratchet system
    • Heavy duty aluminum base
    • 160kg weight capacity


    Therapod 24/7 Contemporary Brochure


    Seat Size: Heavy Duty Dual Density 530 wide x 480 mm deep.
    Seat Size: Heavy Duty Deep Wide (option) 560 wide x 540 mm deep
    Back Size 520 wide x 630 mm high
    Seat Height 470 to 600 mm
    Back Height 615 to 670 mm
    Weight Rating 160 kg


    • Black
    • Other colours available on inquiry (pricing may alter)


    5 Years

    $1,399.00 (inc GST)

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