Score Amazone Tilt Saddle Stool

  • Score Amazone Tilt Saddle Stool SSAMAT

    The Score Amazone Tilt Saddle Stool has been developed for active sitting.

    The ‘seated stance’ or ‘standing sit’ provides the user with a comfortable position while keeping a relaxed posture.


    Score Amazone Tilt Saddle Stool

    The Score Amazone is perfect for users who require regular movement around their work setting including dentists, doctors, optometrists and other medical practitioners.  

    A stool that provides a natural upright position will help to prevent neck and back injuries. The Score Amazone allows your body to remain in an upright position thanks to a raised seat height and custom shape of the chair.

    The chair also lets you sit closer to your patients, similar to as if you were standing.

    The saddle stool allows for the healthy positioning of a wide hip angle. The seat is developed to evenly distribute your weight between the seat and the floor.



    • Tilt mechanism
    • Adjustable tilt angle lever
    • 19 cm range of height adjustment
    • Can be used at a standard desk or as a perch stool at a standing desk
    • Height adjustment with gas spring
    • Compact base lets you work closer to your work area


    Amazone Tilt Saddle Stool



    Seat Size 340 mm wide x 300 mm deep
    Back Size 360 mm wide x 500 mm high
    Seat Height Adjustment 190 mm 
    Weight  11.5 kg


    Black only


    3 years

    $699.00 (inc GST)
    Currently Unavailable