Rapid Shelf & Bracket

  • Rapid Shelf & Bracket SBCSHELF


    The Rapid Shelf & Bracket is the perfect addition to any office setting, designed to store office knick-knacks that would otherwise take up important desk space.

    Rapid Shelf and Brackets

    Designed to be used with the Rapid Desk Screen, the shelf can be placed at a comfortable height so you can easily reach objects.

    You can use the shelf to hold your wallet, smartphone, photo frame, headphones and more.

    Make sure you are keeping your desk clean and tidy with the use of the Rapid Shelf.

    A clean and uncluttered workstation will make you more productive and assist withing lowering stress and anxiety.

    The Rapid Shelf & Bracket comes with a 12 month 12-month.



    • Grey powder coated steel.


    • Grey


    • 12 Months
    $57.00 (inc GST)