Rapid Double Pen Holder

  • Rapid Double Pen Holder DA5

    Do you find yourself never being able to find a pen when you need one?

    The Rapid Double Pen Holder helps you keep your stationery organised and easy to find during those hectic work moments.


    Keeps you pens and other stationary stored neatly above your desk in two convenient pen baskets.

    Compatible with the rapid desk screen.

    Rapid Document Tray


    The Rapid Double Pen Holder is made to be used with the Rapid Desk Screen. Keep your desk free of stationery by using this pen holder.

    The components designed to be used with the Rapid Desk Screen allows you to keep your body in a healthy, upright position by positioning all your office essentials at eye level.

    You won’t have to lower your head to look for objects on your desk, which can help to eliminate neck strain.



    • Grey powder coated steel.


    • Grey


    • 12 Months
    $21.95 (inc GST)