Prima Triple Monitor Arm

  • Prima Triple Monitor Arm 6PT

    One of the easiest triple monitor arms to adjust. Full movement forward, back and to angle.

    As part of the Prima range, components can be added to grow as you need.

    Prima Triple Monitor Arm.

    The  Prima Triple has a simplified component system made from tough as nails alloy. Perfect for when you need maximum monitor adjustment or if your monitors are heavy.

    One of the most flexible triple monitors available.

    The Prima range is easy to maintain, configure and expand upon as your needs grow.  Add components to go to a double, triple or even quad screen set up.


    • Component built - add or take away to suit
    • Strong allow construction
    • easy movement of arms.

    Price listed is for the dual monitor arm, as pictured, with a Heavy Duty Grommet Mount, 460 mm Pole, 3 x VESA Brackets and 6 x 215 mm extension arms.


    Prima Brochure



    Mounting Bracket

    VSA 75 mm/100 mm
    Screen Sizes Supported 14' (36 cm) to 30' (76 cm)
    Max Screen Weight per Arm 10 kg
    Pole Height

    460 mm (Standard)


    10 Years

    Standard Components

    1 x 460 mm pole
    1 x Heavy Duty Grommet mount
    6 x extension arms
    3 x VESA mounting brackets and tilters
    1 x Single arm pole connector
    From $495.95 (inc GST)

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